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The goal? Pick an author who has published at least 45 books them ALL.This is an ongoing challenge. You can start whenever you want...and finish whenever you want.  Challenge is hosted by Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup/The Herd Presents.  You can sign-up here.

I love this idea and am going to use it to make myself dive into the formidable backlist of Grace Burrowes who primarily focuses on historical romance, but does contemporaries on occasion.  And, once I complete Ms. Burrowes's backlist, I will probably choose another author and just make this a regular thing.  Right now I am thinking of tackling the backlists of Jennifer Ashley and Mary Balogh

Make sure to check out this page regularly since I will keep it updated with my progress.


Historical Romance

Captive Hearts Series
The Captive (review)
The Traitor (review)
The Laird (review)

Windham Series
The Courtship (novella)
The Duke and His Duchess (novella)
The Heir*
The Soldier
The Virtuoso
Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish*
Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal*
Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight*
Lady Eve's Indiscretion
Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait*
Morgan and Archer (novella)
Jonathan and Amy (novella)
The Ducal Gift (novella)
The Christmas Carriage (novella)
The Trouble with Dukes (Coming December 2016)

Lonely Lords Series
Darius: Lord of Pleasures
Nicholas: Lord of Secrets
Ethan: Lord of Scandals
Beckman: Lord of Sins
Gabriel: Lord of Regrets*
Gareth: Lord of Rakes
Andrew: Lord of Despair
Douglas: Lord of Heartache
David: Lord of Honor
Trenton: Lord of Loss
Worth: Lord of Reckoning
Hadrian: Lord of Hope

MacGregor Family Series
The Bridegroom Wore Plaid*
Mary Fran and Matthew (novella)
Once Upon a Tartan
The MacGregor's Lady
What a Lady Needs for Christmas

True Gentlemen Series
The Duke's Disaster (novella)
Tremaine's True Love*
Daniel's True Desire
Will's True Wish

Jaded Gentlemen Series

Dunroamin Holiday -- Two Wee Drams of Love anthology/Highland Holidays anthology
Kiss and Tell -- Two We Drams of Love anthology/Highland Holidays anthology
My Hearthrob's in the Highlands -- Must Love Scotland anthology/Highland Holidays anthology
Love on the Links -- Must Love Scotland anthology/Highland Holidays anthology
A Knight Before Christmas -- Dancing in the Duke's Arms anthology*
The Appeal of Christmas -- Christmas in Duke Street anthology
The Duke of My Dreams -- Once Upon a Dream anthology
His Grace of Lesser Puddlebury -- Dukes in Disguise anthology

Contemporary Romance

Sweetest Kisses Series
Kiss and Tell (novella)
A Kiss for Luck (novella)
A Single Kiss
The First Kiss
Kiss Me Hello

The Cowboy Wore a Kilt

*own a copy

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