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REVIEW: "The Danger of Desire" by Sabrina Jeffries

The Danger of Desire (Sinful Suitors, #3)
TITLE: The Danger of Desire
AUTHOR(S): Sabrina Jeffries
SERIES: Sinful Suitors #3

Historical Romance
PUBLISHER: Pocket Books
PUBLICATION DATE: October 18, 2016
SOURCE: Netgalley
LENGTH: 416 pages
DATE READ: October 2016

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TROPES: Revenge Plot, Big Secret, House Party, In Disguise


To root out the card cheat responsible for her brother’s death, Miss Delia Trevor spends her evenings dancing her way through high society balls, and her late nights disguised as a young man gambling her way through London’s gaming hells. Then one night, handsome Warren Corry, the Marquess of Knightford, a notorious member of St. George’s Club, recognizes her. When he threatens to reveal her secret, she’s determined to keep him from ruining her plans, even if it means playing a cat-and-mouse game with the enigmatic rakehell.

Warren knows the danger of her game, and he refuses to watch her lose everything while gaining justice for her late brother. But when she starts to delve beneath his carefully crafted fa├žade, can he keep her at arm’s length while still protecting her? Or will their hot desires explode into a love that transcends the secrets of their pasts?

Why I Read It...

Sabrina Jeffries is an auto-read author for me due to her impeccable writing and fascinating characters.  I have liked the other Sinful Suitors books and wanted to see Warren, a popular side character, get his story told.

What I Liked About It...

1. Warren and Delia were as well-developed as I've come to expect from this author.  I really appreciated the care given to their individual pasts and how those experiences shaped their current worldview especially Warren.

2. I am often amused by the antics that heroines can get into when they disguise themselves as a man and Delia was no exception.  I liked the fact that she took charge of her life and wasn't afraid to do what she needed to do in order to insure her family's security after her brother's death.

3. Warren and Delia had great chemistry from the moment they met and their connection just grew as they spent more time together.  I loved the little situations they kept finding themselves in like at the house party or in the various gambling hells around the city.

What I Disliked About It...

1. Delia had a moment where she acted really stupid about halfway through the story.  I wish that the author hadn't made that choice.  I think there could have been a different way to move the plot along without making the heroine act like an idiot when she proved to be anything but that until then.  She did learn from the situation so it wasn't a complete loss.

2. The plot moved along at a decent pace until the end when things felt rushed.  New characters showed up at the exact right time to provide the perfect answers to questions that had been lingering for most of the book.

Would I Recommend It...

It was an engaging read even if I wasn't the biggest fan of the way the plot was handled towards the end.  The development of Warren and Delia as people and as a couple kept me reading despite my misgivings.  I am still a fan of Sabrina Jeffries and am excited to see what she does next.


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  1. I keep meaning to read some SJ, but I haven't yet. I admit to being rather picky about HRs and so I'm always hesitant to try new-to-me authors.

    I'm actually reading a book right now where the heroine is doing idiotic things, and it feels more like a way to move the plot than the way any woman would act. Venturing into TSTL territory. Glad to hear Delia actually learned from it, though!

    I like this review style, Jennifer.

    P.S. I still haven't sent that book to you, but I am going to very soon! I'm sorry.

    1. No problem on the book. I know how difficult it can be to get to the post office. Thanks for the comment on the review style. I've been having writer's block with reviews lately and needed to change things up a bit. I think you would like Sabrina Jeffries. She is a nice combination light and dark themes plus her heroines are usually fabulous.

  2. Great review Hun!!! This is a auto buy author for me as well!!! But this series although like able is not my favorite from her!! But I am looking forward to reading this one and she does great with the romance aspects!!


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