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2016 TBR CHALLENGE REVIEW: "The Mane Event" by Shelly Laurenston

The Mane Event (Pride, #1)
TITLE: The Mane Event
AUTHOR(S): Shelly Laurenston
SERIES: Pride #1

Paranormal Romance
PUBLICATION DATE: September 25, 2007
SOURCE: Amazon
LENGTH: 391 pages
DATE READ: October 2016

2016 Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge, 2016 Spooks, Howls, and Fangs Reading Challenge, 2016 TBR Challenge

CHARACTER ARCHETYPES: Billionaire Hero, Cop Heroine

TROPES: Shifters, Fated Mates, Second Chance At Love


Christmas Pride

How come all the good-looking ones are insane?
That's what runs through NYPD cop Desiree "Dez" MacDermot's mind the minute she hooks up again with her childhood buddy, Mace Llewellyn. It isn't just the way he stares at her with those too-sexy gold eyes―as if he could devour her on the spot. Or the six-four, built-like-a-Navy Seal bod-o-death. It isn't even that he sniffs her neck and purrs, making her entire body tingle. It's more about that disconcerting, shifting-from-man-to-lion thing that unhinges her...and makes her want more.

Mace likes making Dez crazy. In fact, he likes her any way he can get her―in bed, on the desk, here, now, again. Together, they'd always been trouble, but Dez has no idea just how good trouble can feel...

Shaw's Tail

Brendon Shaw, hotel owner and lion shifter, has seen better days. He's been beaten, had a gun to the back of his head, and had to be rescued by a Pack of shape-shifting wolves. He didn't think he'd survive the night, much less find the woman of his dreams. And he never thought the woman of his dreams would have a Tennessee accent and wear cowboy boots. Once he sets his sights on her, the predator in him is ready to pounce and never let go.

Ronnie Lee Reed is ready to change her life, and New York City is the place where any girl―even one who runs with a Pack―can redefine herself. First order of business: find a mate, settle down, and stop using men for sex. Even big, gorgeous, lion-shifting, oh-my-what-big-um-paws-you-have men. Then again...

Why I Read It...

Mostly I read this because it fit the October theme of "Paranormal or Romantic Suspense" for the 2016 TBR Challenge hosted by Wendy the Super Librarian.  I bought The Mane Event when it went on sale in early 2014.  I had heard great things about the Pride series and wanted to give it a try.  Then I became more motivated to read it when I read (and fell in love with) Laurenston's Call of Crows series.

What I Liked About It...

1. I liked the fact that it was two stories in one to help introduce me to this world and the characters within it.  Sometimes first books in a paranormal series can be very overwhelming with the information dump and I didn't feel like that with these.  The author was able to engage me and make me feel like I was a part of the world very quickly.

2. The heroines were definitely strong-willed and hilarious.  Dez (Christmas Pride) is the human in a shifter/human pairing and her experience allows readers to be introduced to this world.  I admired her for her no-nonsense attitude and devotion to her job as a police officer.  Ronnie (Shaw's Tail) is new to the city so is determined to be more of an adult and not spend her time causing mayhem.  I thought she especially was a unique character who didn't care much about what others thought and really knew what she wanted out of life.

3. Both heroes in these stories were lion shifters and, as one would expect, were very alpha in their attitudes.  But, they did a good job of allowing the heroines to take center stage most of the time.  I especially enjoyed the way that Laurenston developed Shaw as a former breeder who wanted much more out of life than just mindless sex.

4. I loved Shelly Laurenston's sense of humor!  She is bawdy, violent, irreverent, and it works so well for this type of story.  I appreciated the intelligence in the comedy and how each character had their own way of adding to the humorous situations.  I do want to warn potential readers that there is a lot of swearing in these books.  I feel like it adds to the story, but I can see it rubbing others the wrong way.

5. The development of the various shifter groups was unique and I thought well-researched.  I enjoyed the fact that the lion shifters' Pride was ruled by women and that the men were mainly used as breeders.  Little details like that really helped emphasize how other these characters are in comparison to humans.

6. Because this is the beginning of a series, The Mane Event also introduces readers to a bunch of secondary characters who will become the focuses of their own stories eventually.  I especially enjoyed getting to know the wolves, Bobby Ray and Sissy Mae, and Shaw's lion siblings.  There is definitely potential for high-octane stories from these characters.

What I Disliked About It...

1. There really isn't one specific thing I can pinpoint as something I didn't like about The Mane Event.  I guess the pacing was a little off at times, but I could easily forgive that because of the characters and the romance.

Would I Recommend It...

I definitely would recommend this book for fans of sexy, funny paranormal romances with alpha heroes and heroines who keep them on their toes.  It is a great introduction to the Pride world and has made me want to gorge on the rest of the series.


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  1. I've had these recommended to me approximately eleventy billion times and I've still not read them. Looks like I should! Thanks for taking the plunge :-)

  2. I actually disliked this book. I think it's too silly and unlike her dragon series (as GA Aiken), the comedy isn't enough to sustain a book where nothing interesting happens. I stick with her GA Aiken pseudonym, those books are so much more appealing to me.
    Happy reading!

  3. I've never been big into paranormal romance, but just recently I started reading the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley and have really enjoyed them. I've heard such great things about Shelley Laurenston, and I want to try her books out. Glad you really enjoyed this one, Jennifer.

  4. If you liked this one, you should love the rest of the series. It has firstbookitis. The pacing does get better. I am super stoked she is planing to come back to this world. We thought she was done after Bite Me, but her last newsletter confirms she is coming back...with more HONEY BADGERS!


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