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Monday, April 25, 2016

HISTORICAL ROMANCE 101: Favorite Endings

Historical Romance 101

HISTORICAL ROMANCE 101 is a celebration of the genre that will be occurring throughout the month of April. My blog along with On a Book BenderAddicted to Romance, and Quinn's Book Nook will be writing on a variety of topics every Monday and Friday in April.


How a romance should end (beyond the obligatory happy ending) is a popular topic for debate among readers.  The debate usually involves whether epilogues are preferred or loathed.  I am a reader who (for the most part) prefers epilogues especially in historical romance.  I understand that they can be a little too sweet or formulaic for some, but I like seeing characters that I have fallen in love with living happy lives.

Now happy lives can mean different things for different couples.  I want epilogues to match the characters and their romance.  Sometimes I like seeing the wedding or the wedding night or another scene that takes place shortly after the last regular chapter.  I also enjoy reading about a couple a few years down the road which can, but doesn't always, involve children.

Not Quite a Husband Dreaming of You (The Gamblers, #2) The Perfect Waltz (The Merridew Sisters, #2) Slightly Dangerous (Bedwyn Saga, #6)

I also enjoy reading epilogues/endings that provide resolution to a major or minor plot point.  I think these provide the most consistency when it comes to characterization and plot development.  Plus these are ones that don't seem as formulaic.

The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons, #2) Married By Morning (The Hathaways, #4) Six Degrees of Scandal (Scandalous, #4) Listen to the Moon (Lively St. Lemeston, #3)

And then there are the epilogues that help set up the next book in the series.  I usually find these fascinating and they do their job of heightening my anticipation.  I understand that it is deliberate manipulation, but I still love them.

The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister, #0.5) Duke of Midnight (Maiden Lane, #6) Evernight (Darkest London, #5) No Good Duke Goes Unpunished (The Rules of Scoundrels, #3)

Of course, there are times where not having an epilogue works for the designated story.  I am fine with these as long as things are resolved and there aren't any lingering plot points or character questions.

Lord of Scoundrels (Scoundrels, #3) Scandal England's Perfect Hero (Lessons in Love, #3) Forbidden (Old West #1)

What historical romance endings stand out the most to you?  Do you like epilogues?  Why or why not?


Don't forget that there will be a #HR101 Twitter chat on Tuesday, April 26th at 9:00 p.m., est.


There will be five winners: one grand prize winner, two runner-ups, two second runner-ups.
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  1. Epilogues and historical romance novels go so well together. I find that usually the ones without epilogues feel like they end abruptly. And I don't think it's a coincidence. Must be a convention of the genre.

  2. Oh my word, The Governess Affair. I adore that novella. Milan packs such a lovely punch in a relatively short page count. *happysigh*

  3. I totally love epilogues! I am all for that. I mean, it's a romance. It's supposed to be sweet!

    I actually really struggled with this. I mean to remember what endings I just loved a bit more than other favorites. I've only read three of these books, Married by Morning, Dreaming of You, and The Viscount Who Loved Me. I loved all those books, but you know, I can't remember the endings at all!

  4. oh I just love and adore epilogues....its great seeing some future moments a couple has. I love seeing those fun glimpses into their HEA. And there are many varieties.

  5. I love epilogues. The more, the better! Except I wasn't completely happy with the second epilogue for The Viscount Who Loved Me. But in general, I love them.

    Endings that stand out for me... Oh, I know. I LOVE the ending of Mary Balogh's A Summer to Remember. It was just perfect!

    Nice choices there, by the way! You've got a few of my favorite romances in this post, and a bunch that are on my list to read. The only reason I'm not entering your giveaway is that I already have two of the three books. (In fact, that's a very good way to give away multiples. I'll have to try that!)


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