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REVIEW: "Focus on Me" by Megan Erickson

Focus on Me (In Focus #2)
(In Focus #2)

For Ages 18+ (Language, Sensuality)
M/M Contemporary -- New Adult

Intermix -- Published on July 21, 2015
Ebook, 204 pages
Read in January 2016
Purchased from Amazon


First Person Narrative, Tortured Hero, Road Romance

Colin Hartman can now add college to his list of failures. On the coast-to-coast trek home from California, Colin stops at a gas station in the Nevada desert, and can’t help noticing the guy in tight jeans looking like he just stepped off a catwalk. When he realizes Catwalk is stranded, Colin offers a ride.

Riley only intended to take a short ride in Colin’s Jeep to the Grand Canyon. But one detour leads to another until they finally find themselves tumbling into bed together. However there are shadows in Riley’s eyes that hide a troubled past. And when those shadows threaten to bury the man whom Colin has fallen in love with, he vows to get Riley the help he needs. For once in his life, quitting isn’t an option…

"I tongued the toothpick, squeezing it into the small gap between my front teeth before shoving it into the corner of my mouth."

Focus on Me is the second book in Megan Erickson's In Focus series.  While it is loosely connected to the previous book, Trust the Focus, it can easily be read as a stand-alone.  Colin is a recent college dropout who is on his way home to North Carolina from California.  While on the early days of his journey, he meets Riley, a beautiful young man that he refers to (in his head) as Catwalk.  Riley and Colin decide to travel together and, along the way, figure out that they have a connection.

This book is told from both Riley and Colin's points of view which helps the reader learn more about each of their characters.  Colin's self-confidence is low due to the fact that he just failed out of college and he feels like he will be a disappointment to his family.  He has a protective sense that is on heightened alert with Riley and he does everything he can to help him out.  Riley's journey is much more difficult due to the fact that he is dealing with numerous issues, some out of his control and some of his own making.  I liked the slow reveal of how serious Riley's situation is and that I got to know him before learning everything.

I adore a good road trip romance and this one was very well-executed.  Riley and Colin are complete strangers at the beginning, but, due to the inevitable close proximity, falling for one another.  All the little adventures helped the relationship develop even more.  When Riley went into a spiral towards the end of the book, they were able to show their strength as a couple.  Both of them had things to learn from one another and I thought the author did a good job of showing how the romance worked with their individual character journeys.

I am loving this series and am excited to read the next one, Out of Frame, when it is released this year.  Megan Erickson does a wonderful job with her characters and showcasing the emotions they go through.  In this book, I was impressed with her respectful approach to mental illness as well.  I definitely recommend it for readers who like mature, emotional romances with hints of humor.

"We each matter and we’re each worthy.” He took a deep breath. “So I focus on that, and when I do, everything seems brighter.”

1. Trust the Focus
2. Focus on Me
3. Out of Frame (Coming 2016)
4. Overexposed (Coming 2016)

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  1. I didn't think this one as well achieved as the first one. At least I had more trouble finding the will to keep reading this one.

  2. oh I want to read this one so badly!!! I recently fell in love with this author, and its been a while since I read a good m/m romance, and I see she does fabulous with it. And road trip romances are one of the best tropes to read right?

    1. I love her writing style. I am excited to try her m/f romances very soon.

  3. This is my favorite of hers. Riley and Colin worked on every level for me.

  4. This is my favorite of hers. Riley and Colin worked on every level for me.


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