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2016 TBR CHALLENGE REVIEW: "Dark Craving" by Donna Grant

Dark Craving (Dark Kings, #0.1)
(Dark Kings #0.1)

For Ages 18+ (Language, Violence, Sensuality)
Paranormal Romance -- Dragons

St. Martin's Press -- Published on July 31, 2012
Ebook, 105 pages
Read in January 2016
Purchased from Amazon


Beta Hero, Fated Mates

Fueled by ancient magic—and enflamed by human desire—the Dragon King known as Hal can transform himself at will into one of the legendary winged creatures he is sworn to protect. But one thing he can never do is fall in love…with a mortal woman.

Searching for her brother in Scotland—and succumbing to the freezing cold—Cassie Hunter awakens to find herself in the arms of a magnificent Highland warrior. Across his chest is the tattoo of a fiery dragon. And in his heart is a burning passion that, once unleashed, will consume them both…body and soul.

This is a story of destiny and desire, magic and mystery, warriors and lovers.

These are the forbidden cravings of the Dark Kings. 

"My luggage is lost?"

Read for the 2016 TBR Challenge--January--We Love Short Shorts! The challenge is hosted by Wendy the Super Librarian.

I purchased Dark Craving when it was on sale at Amazon years ago because I was intrigued by the idea of a dragon shifters.  Unfortunately, shortly after buying it, my paranormal romance obsession went away and I just never got to trying it out until now.

I liked the idea of this book more than the execution.  The beginning was interesting with Cassie arriving in Edinburgh and discovering that 1) her luggage is lost, 2) her brother isn't there to pick her up, and 3) a snowstorm is baring down.  I could really feel Cassie's frustration with the situation she was in yet I thought she handled all the bumps decently.  Once she finally find her way to her brother's house, she became overcome by the elements and was saved by Hal, a strange, but alluring man who she had an immediate connection with.  The rest of the book consisted of Cassie figuring out the truth behind Hal and his friends' mysterious personalities and the love story between Cassie and Hal.

My favorite part of Dark Craving was the mythology and background of the Dark Kings.  I haven't read any of Donna Grant's paranormal series so I wasn't able to fully appreciate the little tidbits the other species that are mentioned.  But, I didn't ever feel lost because she did such a good job of explaining who the Dark Kings were and why they so important.  I am a huge dragon fan so the fact that there were all these different types was so much fun for me.

Due to the fact that this is part of a set of prequel novellas for a new series, there was a ton of background detail that needed to be given.  I appreciated and enjoyed that part, but felt like the romance suffered because of it.  This is definitely an example of fated mates with Hal and Cassie declaring their love for one another very quickly and without much conflict beyond the whole "I am a powerful dragon man" bit.  I also never felt like I knew much about either of the main characters which made me sad.  I found myself wishing that there wasn't a romance at all, but just the Dark Kings hanging out together and helping readers learn about their world.

While I didn't enjoy the love story, I had to give Dark Craving three stars due to the fact that it did make me intrigued enough to check out more in the series.  I am willing to give the other prequel novellas a try if they go on sale, but, otherwise, I may just skip ahead and read the full-length novels.  I am a little disappointed that, after all this time, I didn't care for this book, but I am glad to have it completed.

0.1. Dark Craving
0.2. Night's Awakening
0.3. Dawn's Desire
1. Darkest Flame
2. Fire Rising
3. Burning Desire
4. Hot Blooded
5. Night's Blaze
6. Soul Scorched
6.5. Dragon King
7. Passion Ignites
8. Smoldering Hunger
9. Smoke and Fire (Coming 2016)

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  1. I've read a book by this author and her writing style seemed so average I don't feel compelled to try other books by her. But she's gaining success with many readers out there and that's great!
    Happy reading!

  2. As I've mentioned before I'm not super into adult paranormal books, so I don't have much of an opinion on this one. but I love that you are tackling your TBR. That's definitely something I'm try to do this year too!

    1. That, and the fact that this was so short, was the main motivation for me to finish it. I love paranormal romance, but this story was so rushed.

  3. Sorry you didn't enjoy this one as much but it did its job by introducing you to a series you might enjoy. I love when that happens.

    1. Me too! I am interested enough to skip over the other prequels and jump into the full-length stories. Hopefully those will grab my attention more.

  4. oh that's a dissappointing.....I love Donna Grant. But haven't read this series yet. But you never know with novella's especially.

    1. Well...I will definitely give her another try if you like her. What books have you read by her? Any specific ones I should try soon?


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