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REVIEW: "In the Clear" by Tamara Morgan

In the Clear (Winter Rescue #1)

(Winter Rescue #1)

For Ages 18+ (Language, Sensuality)
Contemporary Romance -- Small Town

Smashwords -- Published on November 11, 2013
Ebook, 96 pages
Read in December 2015
Purchased from Amazon


Beta Hero, Best Friend's Sister/Brother's Best Friend, Unrequited Love, Unusual Occupations

Fletcher Owens is full of secrets.

Few people know he spends his nights volunteering for a Search and Rescue team, saving lives while risking his own. Even fewer know he’s in love with his best friend’s sister. And since he’s not willing to give up their friendship for a chance at something more, that’s exactly how things will stay.

Lexie Sinclair has nothing to hide.

The zany daughter, the wacky sister, the quirky fundraiser for a children’s charity — Lexie couldn’t hide her true self even if she wanted to. So when her brother’s best friend is revealed to be a local hero, she’s determined to stand up and prove she’s ready to be more than just friends.

"For a full twenty seconds, Lexie thought the vibrator in her purse had somehow managed to turn itself on.  Again."

I bought In the Clear after hearing about it on the DBSA podcast and knew it was the perfect read for a cold Sunday afternoon.  The story focuses on twins, Lexie and Sean, and their lifelong friend, Fletcher.  Fletcher is hiding two big things from his friends: 1) he has a secret life as a member of a Search and Rescue team and 2) he has a huge crush on Lexie.  Things get complicated when Lexie finds out the truth about what Fletcher does on his time off and she starts to rethink her friendship/relationship with him.

I thought this book was just adorable!  It involves some of my favorite themes in romance and handles them with care.  I loved reading about how much Fletcher cared for Lexie yet he had a legitimate reason to be hesitant to try anything romantically with her.  I thought the evolution of Lexie's feelings for Fletcher to be realistic and well-written since it is obvious from the beginning that there is some tension there.

Fletcher is one of my favorite types of heroes: shy, a bit on the nerdy side, and super sweet.  I applaud the author for showing that a beta hero can still take charge and still retain his genuine nature.  Lexie, at first, seemed like she would be the stereotypical quirky pixie heroine, but it is quickly shown that there is much more to her than just being cute and wacky.  I especially enjoyed reading the scenes where she gets frustrated with the way everyone expects her to screw up in an adorable rather than taking her seriously.

In the Clear is a little on the short side (page length-wise), but I think the novella format works well for the plot.  I would have liked a few more pages of resolution though that won't keep me from recommending and re-reading this book again.

For as long as he could remember, Lexie had a habit of buying herself rabbit food and then proceeding to eat most of her companions’ side dishes, never aware of her wandering fork. He usually ordered extra of the things she liked for that reason—she had no idea he didn’t actually care for chocolate cake.

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  1. That is some first line! This seems really cute. I love a good beta hero.

  2. oh wow this book sounds simply amazing!! Especially loved your description of the hero and heroine.


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