Friday, November 13, 2015


If you've been blogging for a while chances are you have a few (or more than a few lol) review books that have slipped through the cracks. Eeps! The Blogger Shame Review Challenge--cohosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup and Addicted to Happily Ever After-- is all about dusting off all of those forgotten review books and making them happen!  Feel free to sign up here.

  • Challenge begins Jan 1, 2016 and ends Dec 31, 2016.
  • All review books that have been on your review list for 6+ months count.
  • Any book format counts.
  • Crossovers with other challenges are okay.
  • You pick the number of books for your individual challenge.
  • Once a quarter there will be a wrap up post to show off progress!
    • sign up post--now through January or whenever you join
    • quarter 1 post--end of March
    • quarter 2 post--end of June
    • quarter 3 post--end of September
    • quarter 4 post--end of Dec wrap up post
  • There's a FB group for our challenges this year if you'd like to join for support, suggestions and event updates! Just go HERE.
  • There will be four giveaways. One each quarter.
  • Each review you complete during that quarter and link up will enter you into a gift card giveaway!


For my reading challenges, I always like to create a preliminary list of books that I want to complete.  I usually like to look back at the end of the year and see how accurate my predictions were.
  1.  A Dance with Danger by Jeannie Lin
  2. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
  3. I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga
  4. The Dark Lady by Maire Claremont
  5. The Rogue's Proposal by Jennifer Haymore
  6. Scandalously Yours by Cara Elliott
  7. Phantom's Dance by Lesa Howard
  8. The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry
  9. Sapphires Are An Earl's Best Friend by Shana Galen
  10. Still Life with Strings by L.H. Cosway
  11. The Game and the Governess by Kate Noble
  12. Rogue with a Brogue by Suzanne Enoch
  13. With this Ring by Celeste Bradley
  14. He's No Prince Charming by Elle Daniels
  15. Gunpowder Alchemy by Jeannie Lin
  16. The Bells of Times Square by Amy Lane
  17. Once and Always by Julia Harper
  18. Highland Guard by Hannah Howell
  19. The Trouble with Love by Lauren Layne
  20. The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston
  21. Becoming Jinn by Lori Goldstein
  22. The Eternity Key by Bree Despain
  23. Omega City by Diana Peterfreund
  24. Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge
  25. The Last True Vampire by Kate Baxter
  26. Stealing Second by Alison Packard
  27. Lord of Secrets by Alyssa Everett
  28. When a Lord Needs a Lady by Jane Goodger
  29. Must Love Dukes by Elizabeth Michels
  30. Much Ado About Jack by Christy English


  1. This is a great challenge. I don't actually have many review copies that I haven't read because I'm so carefull about the books I actually request. Although now I'm getting a lot from Avon, so maybe I will join.

    Also, The Raven Boys and I Hunt Killers are soooo good.

  2. Ooo the list! I've got one of the Cara Elliott ones on my list as well. I can't remember the title but it's the 3rd in that series. Passionately, maybe?

    Good luck with your challenge! I listed mine out too. I think it'll help me getting to mark em through. lol

  3. Good luck to both of us -- I need this challenge so badly! And I just signed up. I didn't post any book titles, though, just a numerical goal. I've got plenty to pick from, though!


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