Wednesday, July 8, 2015

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: "Ritual in Death" by JD Robb

Ritual in Death (In Death, #27.5)
Ritual in Death by JD Robb; Narrated by Susan Ericksen
(In Death #27.5)

For Ages 18+ (Language, Sensuality, Violence)
Romantic Suspense -- Futuristic New York

Berkley -- Published on November 3, 2008
Audiobook, 2 hours and 54 minutes
Read in June 2015
Purchased from Audible

Rating: 4 Stars

Murder Mystery, Alpha Hero, Kick-Ass Heroine, Futuristic Setting 

When a high-society party is crashed by a naked, knife-wielding, blood-covered man who "thinks" he might have killed someone, Eve Dallas must track down the crime, and the criminals. Everything points to Satanic ritual, but Eve doesn't believe in devil worship...

JD Robb really does excel at providing fans of her In Death series with engaging novellas in between full-length stories.  Things start off quickly as always when a party that Eve and Roarke are attending is interrupted by a bloodied man screaming about murder.  This sets off a creepy investigation which has Eve enraged on behalf of the murder victim.

Because of the shorter page length, the actual mystery does really last that long.  Eve has everything figured out early on in the story, but she has to spend a lot of time getting evidence to back up her theories.  Of course, Peabody and the rest of the gang are happy to assist.  I was especially intrigued by the normally calm Dr. Mira's bending of the rules in order to close the case.

Ritualistic killings always turn my stomach so I did a bit of cringing when the story shifted to figuring out exactly what the poor victim had to deal with before dying.  This may not be an issue for other readers, but I did want to provide a warning that things get pretty gruesome in case you are squeamish.

Susan Ericksen is one of my favorite audiobook narrators due to her wonderful work with this series.  You cannot go wrong with one of her narrations or this series, in my opinion.

"I have to say you don't look anything like a policewoman." Maxia's perfect eyebrows arched as she gave Eve's dress a quick scan. "Leonardo dresses you, doesn't he?"
"No, I usually do it myself."

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  1. You are really plugging away with these. How many are there in the series? I know Nora Roberts puts a lot of books out there. I have been wanting to revisit some of my favorite of her contemporary romances. She was a gateway author into Romance for me. :)

    1. Book 40 of the In Death series came out in February of this year. Books 41 and 41.5 come out in September and November. Lots and lots!


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