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NOVELLA REVIEW: "The Farmer Takes a Wife" by Genevieve Turner

The Farmer Takes a Wife: Las Morenas, #0.5
The Farmer Takes a Wife by Genevieve Turner
(Las Morenas #0.5)

For Ages 18+ (Sensuality)
Historical Romance -- American Western

Penny Bright Publishing -- Published on May 1, 2015
Ebook, 180 pages
Read in May 2015
Purchased from Amazon -- Freebie!

Rating: 4 Stars

Unrequited Love, Beta Hero, Small Town Setting

Marcus Gries has loved Miss Laura Kemper for two years. The poor man has never actually spoken to her, but he knows what he wants and it’s Laura. One night at a barn dance he resolves to ask her for a dance. A dance, a walk, and soon enough, he’ll might even have the nerve to ask her to be his wife.

Laura Kemper has no intention of marrying—her mind is too much occupied with her father’s decline and her family’s woes. So when the handsome farmer she’s never noticed much before asks her to dance, she accepts, thinking it will go no farther.

But when the dance turns into a blossoming affection, Laura finds herself the recipient of an unexpected proposal. She must decide which is more dear: her duty to her family or her feelings for Marcus.

"Tonight was the night."

I heard about The Farmer Takes a Wife when one of my favorite historical writers (Cecilia Grant) tweeted a quote from it, then the conversation went on to say that the story involved a shy farmer, and I was sold!  I love sweet, beta heroes who are super shy, but still determined to make an attempt for the girl they want and Marcus and Laura's story definitely fit the bill.

Marcus is a farmer who has been in love with Laura for ages.  He has been trying to make his farm prosperous enough to finally ask permission to court her and now just has to get up the nerve to ask her to dance.  Laura, unbeknownst to him, has sworn off marriage in order to continue taking care of her aging parents as penance for her mother's treatment of her sister-in-law.  She has no idea about Marcus's feelings and is understandably shocked when she learns the truth.

This was just a sweet story that, for the page length, really made an impact.  Marcus and Laura are fully realized characters with good and bad traits.  They both have issues that they are dealing with in their lives that help shape their personalities.  I especially liked the point that the author made about really knowing the person behind the image you have created for them.  Marcus has rarely spoken to Laura and he has to get to know her in order to really get the happy ending he desired.  And, for her part, Laura has to get over the guilt of her parents' situation and figure out a way to make sure she doesn't lost herself in the process of their care.

The Farmer Takes a Wife is a nice, easy read that I think any historical fan would enjoy.  The characters are well-written, the romance is captivating, and the message is clear without being preachy.  It was also surprisingly steamy for such a slow burning storyline...which I had no problem with, of course.  I find western romances to be a nice refresher for the usual Regency/Victorian historicals I read and will definitely bet checking out more of the Las Morenas series in the future.

His smile was that of a man offered a turnip when he wanted a peach.

0.5. The Farmer Takes a Wife
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2. Autumn Sage
2.5. The Sheriff Takes a Bride

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  1. I am a big fan of western romances, so I will need to give this one a try and soon!! And it is nice to get away from Regency romance right? I love it but it is overdone, so I love reading other sub genres...keeps reading fresh and fun.

    1. I love the Regency as well, but I do like to change things up so it doesn't get stale. That would make me so sad!

  2. This one seems really interesting. I like shy beta heroes too. I am zoo adding this to my TBR right now. It's rare that a novella can really sounds like this one does. Thanks for the review.

    1. I was really surprised by it and excited that there are more in the series.


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