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Saturday, May 30, 2015


A list of new releases that grabbed my attention for the coming month. As always, release dates are subject to change.  All titles link back to Goodreads.


The Major's Faux Fiancee (The Dukes of War, #4)
The Major's Faux Fiancee (Dukes of War #4) by Erica Ridley 
(historical romance)


Shards of Hope (Psy-Changeling, #14)
Shards of Hope (Psy-Changeling #14) by Nalini Singh 
(paranormal romance)

The Last True Vampire (Last True Vampire, #1)
The Last True Vampire (Last True Vampire #1) by Kate Baxter 
(paranormal romance)

The Shadow Revolution (Crown & Key, #1)
The Shadow Revolution (Crown & Key #1) by Clay and Susan Griffith 
(urban fantasy)

Royal Wedding (The Princess Diaries, #11)
Royal Wedding (Princess Diaries #11) by Meg Cabot 
(contemporary romance)

Night of the Highland Dragon (Highland Dragon, #3)
Night of the Highland Dragon (Highland Dragons #) by Isabel Cooper 
(historical/paranormal romance)

Moonlight on Nightingale Way (On Dublin Street, #6)
Moonlight on Nightingale Way (On Dublin Street #6) by Samantha Young 
(contemporary romance)


Only a Promise (The Survivors' Club, #5)
Only a Promise (Survivors' Club #5) by Mary Balogh 
(historical romance)

Waking the Dragon (Vale of Stars, #1)
Waking the Dragon (Vale of Stars #1) by Juliette Cross 
(fantasy romance)

Hello, I Love You
Hello, I Love You by Katie M. Scout 
(YA contemporary)


The Deep of the Sound (Bluewater Bay, #8)
The Deep of the Sound (Bluewater Bay #8) by Amy Lane 
(M/M contemporary)


The Girl Next Door (Bend or Break, #3)
The Girl Next Door (Bend or Break #3) by Amy Jo Cousins 
(NA contemporary)


Stealing Second (Feeling the Heat, #5)
Stealing Second (Feeling the Heat #5) by Alison Packard 
(contemporary romance)


Emmy & Oliver
Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway 
(YA contemporary)

Never Loved (Dark Obsession, #1)
Never Loved (Dark Obsessions #1) by Charlotte Stein 
(contemporary romance)

A Book of Spirits and Thieves (Spirits and Thieves, #1)
A Book of Spirits and Thieves (Spirits and Thieves #1) by Morgan Rhodes 
(YA fantasy)

Tangled Webs (Tangled Webs, #1)
Tangled Webs (Tangled Webs #1) by Lee Bross 
(YA historical)

Dream of You (Wait for You, #4.5)
Dream of You (Wait for You #4.5) by J. Lynn 
(NA contemporary)


A Duke but No Gentleman (Masters of Seduction, #1)
A Duke But No Gentleman (Masters of Seduction #1) by Alexandra Hawkins 
(historical romance)

How to Marry a Royal Highlander (The Renegade Royals, #4)
How to Marry a Royal Highlander (The Renegade Royals #4) by Vanessa Kelly 
(historical romance)


  1. There are quite a few great ones coming out!! I am super excited for Shard's of Hope, Last True Vampire, and A Duke But No Gentleman.

  2. Waking the Dragon looks very interesting. Have you read any of the novellas though? I haven't--this would be my first of hers--and I'm usually disinclined to go backwards and read a bunch of stuff before getting to the one I really want to read. I'd love to hear that this could be read without context...

    1. I haven't read any of the novellas, but I probably will before checking it out. I'm a little OCD about reading things in series order. :)


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