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REVIEW: "Magic Slays" by Ilona Andrews

Magic Slays (Kate Daniels, #5)
Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
For Ages 18+ (Language, Sensuality, Violence)
Urban Fantasy

Ace Penguin Berkley -- Published in 2011
Ebook, 320 pages
Read in February 2015
Borrowed from library

Kick-Ass Heroine, Alpha Hero, Alternate Universe, Mythology

Kate Daniels has quit the Order of Merciful Aid, but starting her own business isn't easy when the Order starts disparaging her good name. And being the mate of the Beast Lord doesn't bring in the customers, either. So when Atlanta's premier Master of the Dead asks for help with a vampire, Kate jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, this is one case where Kate should have looked before she leapt.

"The ringing of my phone jerked me from my sleep."

Warning!  This review contains minor spoilers for earlier books in the Kate Daniels series.
The last time readers saw mercenary and all around magical bad-ass, Kate Daniels, she had recently hooked up with the head of the Atlanta Shifters and abruptly quit her job at the Order of Merciful Aid.  Now she is trying to start a paranormal investigation business with her best friend, Andrea, while dealing with the responsibilities of being part of the Alpha couple in the Pack.

I am so in love with this series and Magic Slays did not lessen my enjoyment in the slightest.  After all the angst and key revelations of Magic Bleeds, I found this book to be more of a comfort.  There is definitely action and plenty of drama, but I thought it was more emotional.  Kate and Curran are finally a couple and are working together to be a strong team.  They still have issues to work out, but I am hopeful that they will have a happy ending together.  The big plot involves a serious threat to the entire magical community of Atlanta that forces cooperation from the necromancers, the Pack, and the other magic users.  I love it when groups are forced to work together for a singular cause and this situation was not lacking in drama!

As for Kate and her character development, I thought this book really showed how much she has come to care for her tight knit group of friends.  She has developed this pseudo-family and shows that she is willing to do anything to keep them from harm.  I found some of the scenes involving Julie to be difficult to read, but enjoyed seeing Kate go all "protective mama bear" to help her.  The curtain is also pulled back on Kate's upbringing with Voron and later Greg.  I am amazed that she came out of that being as kind-hearted as she is so I applaud the Andrews team for those particular developments.

Like with other books in this series, I can't go into much further detail since it would ruin the ride for others.  But, I do want to say that I think this series has placed itself firmly in my favorites category the past few installments and I will be quite sad when I finally catch up to everyone else.  August just seems so far away!


"Are you sure you know where you're going?" Andrea frowned.
"Would you like me to pull over and ask that bamboo for directions?"
"I don't know, do you think it will answer?" We peered at the bamboo.
"I think it looks suspicious," Andrea said.
"Maybe there is a heffalump hiding in it."
Andrea stared at me.
"You know, heffalump? From Pooh Bear?"
"Where do you even get this shit?"

0.5. A Questionable Client
1. Magic Bites
2. Magic Burns
3. Magic Strikes
3.5. Magic Mourns
4. Magic Bleeds
4.5. Magic Dreams
5. Magic Slays
5.5. Gunmetal Magic
6. Magic Rises
6.5. Magic Steals
7. Magic Breaks
8. Magic Shifts (Coming 2015)


  1. I've read the series up to Magic Bleeds, which I LOVED (It was such a ::sigh:: moment when the romance finally came together). Magic Slays had just came out when I finished Magic Bleeds and I put it off to...absorb the wonderful-ness that was Magic Bleeds & didn't want my OTP to go through any more pain, ahaha. But it's been awhile it's time for the rest of the series... Great review!

  2. are already read book 5!!! That is awesome. I got book four from the library, but I plan on buying the third book (since my library has a long wait on it and I am just too dang impatient) and I got the fourth from the I just can't wait to see how things progress with Curran and Kate. I just skimmed over your review...because I didn't want to read any spoilers...but I see that you are just loving this series. Good thing because I am enjoying it too. Have you read her other series?

    1. Thankfully my library has had all of these available in e-version so I've been flying through them. I will have to slow down now because there is a wait on books 6-8. I read the first Hidden Legacy book (Burn for Me) which came out last year and loved it! I have heard great things about The Edge series and own the first two books. I plan on reading them once I catch up with Kate Daniels.


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