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REVIEW: "Catch a Falling Heiress" by Laura Lee Guhrke

Catch a Falling Heiress (An American Heiress in London, #3)
Catch a Falling Heiress by Laura Lee Guhrke
(An American Heiress in London #3)

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For Ages 18+ (Language, Sensuality)
Historical Romance -- Late Victorian England/19th Century America

Avon -- Published on January 27, 2015
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Read in February 2015
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She's an American heiress. He's a devilish earl. When these two collide, the sparks ignite a shocking scandal in USA Today bestselling author Laura Lee Guhrke's unforgettable Victorian-era romance.

Linnet Holland wants nothing to do with fortune hunters. No, she’s determined to marry a man who loves her. But just as she’s about to accept the perfect marriage proposal from the man she wants, the rakish Earl of Featherstone interrupts and ruins everything, including her reputation, with his smoldering kiss.

Jack Featherstone knows all about Linnet’s “intended”, and he’s determined she won’t fall prey to that villain as other women have in the past. But when his attempt to save Linnet ruins her instead, he knows he has to make things right. So he sets out to win this golden beauty . . . and prove to her that being ruined by him was the best thing that could have happened to her.

"Only something extraordinary would bring a gentleman to London in late summer."

Catch a Falling Heiress is the third book in a fun series that focuses on American heiresses who travel to London to find titled husbands who need their fortunes.  While I am not always a fan of fortune hunter heroes, I find this whole theme to be interesting especially after years of watching the aftermath on shows like Downton Abbey.  This book follows the wonderful How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days and, while one doesn't need to read that to enjoy this one, I think doing so will help put Jack and his friends' actions in perspective easier.

Jack Featherstone and Linnet Holland meet at an American party where Jack tries to protect Linnet from a marriage with a man he knows will treat her cruelly, but ends up ruining her in the process.  Though he is willing to marry her, Linnet is determined not to be just another fortune hunter's prize and wants a more stable marriage.  Jack then must spend the rest of book convincing Linnet to accept his proposal while falling more in love with her as times goes along.

I absolutely adored Jack in this book.  Readers get to meet him in When the Marquess Met His Match when his widowed sister-in-law finds love and it was fun to learn more about him.  As a second son, he never expected to gain a title and is taken aback by the money issues he inherits.  I appreciated the responsibility he showed and also that he wanted to do more than just marry for money.  It was refreshing to see a hero fall for a heroine and declare his feelings early on in the book rather than the other way around.

Linnet was likable though she had moments where I wanted her to just listen to what Jack was actually telling her.  I understood her trust issues especially when it came to titled gentlemen, but I thought he proved himself much earlier than she did.  At one point, Jack mentioned that she was a bit of a snob and I have to agree with him.  Basically, I found Linnet to be a pretty typical historical romance heroine with her intellect and attempts to do the right thing.

I did find Catch a Falling Heiress to be another successful LLG historical.  The late Victorian setting was fun to read about and I really liked the scenes that took place in Rhode Island...very refreshing change to the constant London parties.  The plot was nothing unusual or offensive though I wasn't a huge fan of the classic hero keeping a secret from the heroine until the last minute plot that appeared.  I also thought the backlash of that secret was resolved too quickly.  But, I found the book to be enjoyable overall and am excited to see what happens in the series next.


Flush -- Detailed descriptions of lovemaking though nothing overly graphic.

1. When the Marquess Met His Match
2. How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days
3. Catch a Falling Heiress


  1. I kind of want to read this because I want to meet Jack. I'm pretty sure I would love him, too. But I'm afraid that Linnet would annoy me too much.

    But I'm glad you enjoyed this, even if it wasn't a favorite.

    1. I did have a good time reading this, but it is not my favorite by this author. I highly recommend her Girl Bachelors series especially And Then He Kissed Her or The Secret Desires of a Gentleman if you want to give her a try.


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