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Have you ever logged on to Edelweiss or Netgalley with the intention of "Just Looking" and then logged off having requested 5 new titles even though your TBR is a mile long? This challenge will (hopefully) give you the incentive to tackle your review books, stumble upon new ones, and get your Netgalley percentage to the desired 80%!

  • The challenge will run from Jan 1, 2015 – Dec 31, 2015.
  • Anyone is welcome to join. You do not need to be a blogger, just post your reviews and come back every month to link them up.
  • Any genre, release date, request date, length, etc. counts so long as it came from Edelweiss or Netgalley.
  • At the beginning of each month there will be a roundup post for you to add your reviews.
  • If you forget to link up one month it's not a problem just add your reviews next month.
  • If you would like to move up or down levels that is completely fine and at your discretion.
  • Bronze - 10 Books
  • Silver - 25 Books
  • Gold - 50 Books
  • Platinum - 75 Books
  • Diamond - 100 Books
For this challenge, I am going to try to complete the GOLD level (50 books from Edelweiss or Netgalley).  Here is a preliminary list of books from these two sites that I already have which I need to read:
  • 17 First Kisses by Rachael Allen
  • The Escape by Mary Balogh
  • With this Ring by Celeste Bradley
  • Still Like with Strings by L.H. Cosway
  • Nothing Like Paris by Amy Jo Cousins
  • He's No Prince Charming by Elle Daniels
  • A King Undone by Cooper Davis
  • The Eternity Key by Bree Despain
  • The Gentleman and the Lamplighter by Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee
  • Scandalously Yours by Cara Elliott
  • Much Ado About Jack by Christy English
  • Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend by Shana Galen
  • Viscount of Vice by Shana Galen
  • Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge
  • Phantom's Dance by Lesa Howard
  • If the Viscount Falls by Sabrina Jeffries
  • Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard by Vanessa Kelly
  • Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby
  • The Trouble with Love by Lauren Layne
  • Gunpowder Alchemy by Jeannie Lin
  • Daring Miss Danvers by Vivienne Lorret
  • I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga
  • Game by Barry Lyga
  • A Most Devlish Rogue by Ashlyn Macnamara
  • The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows
  • Must Love Dukes by Elizabeth Michels
  • The Game and the Governess by Kate Noble
  • The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry
  • Omega City by Diana Peterfreund
  • Secrets of a Gentleman Escort by Bronwyn Scott
  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

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  1. I so think I'm going to do this challenge. I actually made the 80% this month. But I still have a lot of books that I need to read that are from NG and EW. I think this is a good idea.

    Grace @ Books of Love


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