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AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: "Haunted In Death" by JD Robb

Haunted in Death (In Death, #22.5)
Haunted in Death by JD Robb; Narrated by Susan Ericksen
For Ages 18+ (Language, Sensuality)
Romantic Suspense

Berkeley -- Published in 2006
Audiobook, 3 hours
Read in October 2014
Purchased from Audible

Alpha Hero, Kick Ass Heroine, Secondary Romance, Murder Mystery

Number Twelve is an urban legend in 2060 New York City. The hot club in the 1960s, it is now reported to be haunted…and cursed. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called there to investigate the apparent murder of Radcliff Hopkins, its new owner and the grandson of the man who made Number Twelve a cultural icon. Several bullets from a banned gun end his dream of returning the building to its former glory.

With everyone around her talking about the supernatural, pragmatic Eve won't let rumors of ghosts distract her from hard evidence. The case becomes even more bizarre when it appears to be linked to the suspicious disappearance of a rock star eighty-five years ago. As Eve searches for the connection, logic clashes with the unexplainable. She may be forced to face the threat of something more dangerous than a flesh-and-blood killer.

"Winter could be murderous."

Haunted in Death forces Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her team to face something that people often fear more than murder: ghosts.  Rad Hopkins is shot multiple times at the abandoned club that his grandfather made a pop culture phenomenon almost one hundred years ago.  Mr. Hopkins was determined to restore Number Twelve back to its former glory, but he was stopped by a mysterious killer with possible supernatural help.

I liked the uniqueness of this crime in the series.  Because of the gun ban, most of the murders that Eve deals with don't involve shootings.  I thought this was an interesting tidbit that didn't take over the story, but really helped in the formation of this futuristic world.  I was able to figure out the murderer pretty quickly which was different for me.  I did wish that the killer had been more developed or at least not so obvious.

The ghost story element was both fun and creepy.  It was interesting to see pragmatic Eve deal with the superstitions of her partner, friends, and even her husband, Roarke.  I also enjoyed the way that Robb handled the paranormal element.  Susan Ericksen continues her amazing narration in this series which always makes me eager to keep listening.


Glow -- Implied or subtle descriptions of lovemaking. 

"...Fucking shark lawyers.  Excuse my language."
"That's okay.  Cops hear the word 'lawyer' all the time."

There are too many to show here, but I'm providing a link to the Goodreads listing and the listing from JD Robb's website.

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  1. I'm really a sucker for ghost stories, and I definitely want to try out this In Death series. Glad you are enjoying them so much.


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