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REVIEW: "My Lady Quicksilver" by Bec McMaster

My Lady Quicksilver (London Steampunk, #3)
My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMaster
For Ages 18+ (Language, Sensuality, Violence)
Steampunk Romance

Sourcebooks -- Published in October 2013
Mass Market Paperback, 425 pages
Read in September 2014
Purchased from Amazon

Alpha Hero, Kick-Ass Heroine, Tortured Hero, Tormented Heroine, Vampires

Determined to destroy the Echelon she despises, Rosalind Fairchild is on seemingly easy mission. Get in. Uncover the secrets of her brother's disappearance. And get out.

In order to infiltrate the Nighthawks and find their leader, Sir Jasper Lynch, Rosalind will pose as their secretary. But she doesn't count on Lynch being such a dangerously charismatic man, challenging her at every turn, forcing her to re-evaluate everything she knows about the enemy.

He could be her most dangerous nemesis—or the ally she never dreamed existed.

"You have three weeks to find Mercury or I swear you'll share his fate."

Bec McMaster's London Steampunk series continues to evolve into a complex and fascinating mix of historical and paranormal romance.  The first two books in the series dealt with characters who were on the outer fringe of British society.  They spent much of their time battling against the  Echelon and their police force known as the Nighthawks.  With My Lady Quicksilver, the series is taking a new turn by having one of the rebels (Rosalind Fairchild) go up against the leader of the Nighthawks (Sir Jasper Lynch).

I loved both main characters and how the author depicted their chemistry.  These are two people from very different parts of society yet they have so much in common if they would only talk to one another.  Jasper is my favorite type of romantic hero: stoic, proper, but sexy as hell when he gets in the right mood.  I found his fear of losing control of his blood lust to be something surprising and made him easy to root for.  Rosalind was a great heroine as well with her intelligence, loyalty to her family, and her kindness to the unfortunate.

As I mentioned above, the chemistry between Rosalind and Jasper is off the charts.  They are instantly attracted to one another even when Rosalind is disguised as the rebel Mercury and the secretary Rosa.  They spent a good deal of time circling around each other and I did find myself getting a bit frustrated with them.  The constant back and forth was interesting, but I thought it slowed the plot down too much.  But, thankfully, once things started moving along in the romance department, the book really got going.

Hidden identities aren't my normal theme of choice, but I thought it worked really well here.  By having Rosalind go undercover, readers are able to see the Nighthawks in their comfortable environment and help them realize that things are never what they appear in this world.  Jasper and the Nighthawks have been working against the rebels for awhile so it was interesting to learn more about their organization and their mission.

There were a lot of new characters introduced into the London Steampunk world in this installment.  My two particular favorites were Nighthawks Garret and Perry.  These are two partners who obviously have insane chemistry and I am excited to read their story in Forged by Desire.  I also liked that there were a few members of the Echelon who might act as allies for the rebels.  The plot is definitely thickening and I can't wait to see where Bec McMaster goes next.


Fever -- Definitely graphic, but still emotional descriptions.

1. Kiss of Steel
1.5. The Tarnished Knight
2. Heart of Iron
3. My Lady Quicksilver
3.5. The Curious Case of the Clockwork Menace
4. Forged by Desire
5. Of Silk and Steam




  1. I've never read this series. I'm not really hugely into paranormal romance in the adult area. I like it a lot as YA books. I don't know why.

    But yay for liking this. I like those stoic heroes the best, too! And honorable heroes.

  2. Heart of Iron is still my favorite in the series but I really appreciated the level of writing that Bec McMaster delivers in My Lady Quicksilver. Out of all her books so far, this third book is one I can call her most well-written yet. Thanks for the lovely review Jennifer! :)

  3. I totally lust after her covers. Holy cow they're fabulous. They sound great too. Hopefully one day I'll be able to squeeze them in :)


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