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Happy Thursday, everyone! This is a new feature hosted by Buried Under Romance and Love Saves the World.

What is Throwback Thursday: Historical Romance Edition?
Traditionally, Throwback Thursday celebrates nostalgia, asking participants to post a personal photo or an image from their past -- usually from 5 to 10 years ago. There are a lot of book blogs that also do a book-related Throwback Thursday.  Since Tin and Mary C. are unapologetic lovers of historical romances, they've decided to focus on this beloved genre.

Here are the rules:
1. It must be posted on a Thursday.
2. It must be a historical romance novel published before October 2008.


Wild at Heart 
Wild At Heart by Patricia Gaffney
Originally Published in 1997

They called him the "lost man." Raised in the wood, without speech, without civilization, he was beautifully, wonderfully wild. And when he was captured and locked away to be studied by scientists, he was treated more like an animal than a human being.

Only Sydney, daughter of a renowned anthropologist, looked beyond the wildness to see the man. Something in his fierce loneliness called to her, imploring her to help him, to save him, to make him her friend. But the world was not nearly so understanding. And soon, still haunted by the mysterious tragedy of his past, he wanted more from her than friendship. He wanted all of her -- her love, her heart, and her soul.

A unique historical that is obviously inspired by Tarzan.  I absolutely adored both the hero and heroine who (at first glance) seem to be coming from opposite ends of the spectrum, but end up working so well as a couple.  I also enjoyed the social commentary and historical details that Gaffney provided when it came to 19th century anthropology and science.


  1. I never, ever heard of this. You always bring new books to my attention! This seems very interesting.

  2. I have heard of this author, but I haven't read her. I really like the sound of it though. And I love great historic details in stories.

  3. Mary (Buried Under Romance) was talking about one of her books recently and I got a copy, but haven't read it yet.

    Very curious premise! It's rare to have a Tarzan premise in an HR. I'll note this title down. ^_^

  4. Hmm that sounds good. I just read a Tarzan-ish one but in erotica form. I'll have to give this one a look. I've not tried her yet though I think I do have one of hers somewhere.


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