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NOVELLA REVIEW: "The Bad Boy Billionaire: What a Girl Wants" by Maya Rodale

The Bad Boy Billionaire: What a Girl Wants
The Bad Boy Billionaire: What a Girl Wants by Maya Rodale
(Bad Boys and Wallflowers #3.5)

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For Ages 18+ (Language, Sensuality)
Contemporary Romance

Avon Impulse -- Published in May 2014
Ebook, 100 pages
Read in June 2014
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First Person Narrative, Novella

The third installment of a sexy, whirlwind romance about a modern-day heroine writing historical novels based on her romantic misadventures with the Bad Boy Billionaire.

Jane Sparks had it all … almost.

Everyone knew that Jane Sparks had been dumped by her high school sweetheart and fired from her job, which is why she was really looking forward to attending her high school reunion as a successful romance novelist—with her hot billionaire boyfriend as a date. But a violent encounter with her ex-boyfriend changed everything.

Duke Austen was the luckiest guy in town … almost.

Duke Austen is a blue-eyed charmer with a bad-boy reputation and ambitious plans for his future—after two failed startups, this tech entrepreneur is about to celebrate the 20-billion-dollar IPO of his company—but it no longer matters when the woman he loves has been hurt. Stranded in his apartment during a hurricane, without power, they must rebuild their trust … and fall in love all over again.

Just when they have it all figured out, Jane and Duke are forced to decide what matters more: facing her past or celebrating his successful future.

"This," I said angrily, waving my iPhone."

The Bad Boy Billionaire: What a Girl Wants is the conclusion to the contemporary end of the Bad Boys and Wallflower series.  For readers who don't know, this is a collection of stories that span two genres.  The main character of the novellas, Jane Sparks, is an aspiring historical romance writer whose novels are heavily influenced by her own love life.  The audience can read about Jane's romantic struggles and then read the historicals that were inspired by them.

I was a little hesitant about this set-up when I first started the novellas.  I thoroughly enjoy Maya Rodale's historical romances, but wasn't sure how the contemporary aspect would mix.  The first and second books were really entertaining especially the second.  I liked seeing librarian Jane deal with her own life crises in a (mostly) mature way.  While the romance between her and Duke could have used a little more development, I did find myself cheering them on.

Unfortunately, I found the third novella to be just a re-hash of issues that Duke and Jane had already dealt with.  I'm not sure why, but I was bored for most of this book.  There were some funny scenes, particularly the ones where tech mogul Duke is forced to live with his beloved internet for a few days, though I found those to be few and far between.  I really liked how the romance ended in book two (The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild) and thought that bringing up old problems wasn't really necessary.

The main conflict in this book surrounded something that happened to Jane right before the hurricane hit.  I thought this was an interesting approach to the overall plot and was excited to see how Jane dealt with it.  But, I felt like it was pushed to the back burner for a large chunk of the story and was just not developed enough for such an important topic.  The hurricane storyline (while amusing at times) could probably have benefited from more pages in order to fully showcase how desolate the city was in the aftermath.

Despite some issues with the plot and its development, I did think the modern-day side of the series ended on a sweet note.  I am a big fan of romantic comedies and the "Grand Gesture" at the end hit all the right buttons for that part of my psyche.  Jane and Duke are two likable people and it is always fun to see them discover such happiness together.  I am off now to catch up on the historical part of this series with Wallflower Gone Wild and, in October, What a Wallflower Wants.


Flush -- Detailed descriptions of lovemaking though nothing overly graphic.

1. The Wicked Wallflower
1.5. The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement
2. Wallflower Gone Wild
2.5. The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild
3. What a Wallflower Wants
3.5. The Bad Boy Billionaire: What a Girl Wants



  1. I'm planning on reading these Wallflower books (the historical romances) soon. I've heard you say good things about them, and I've never read anything by Rodale. I'm curious about the novellas with Jane. Kind of a fun way to tell stories, huh?

  2. Aw sad to see this one didn't hold up as well. I've got these on my tbr pile. I love the idea of them switching back and forth from present to past. Such a great idea!


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