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AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: "Reunion in Death" by JD Robb

Reunion in Death (In Death, #14)
Reunion in Death by JD Robb; Narrated by Susan Ericksen
For Ages 18+ (Language, Violence, Sensuality)
Romantic Suspense

Berkeley/Brilliance Audio -- Published in 2002
Audiobook, 12 hours and 59 minutes
Read in May 2014
Purchased from Audible

Alpha Hero, Kick-Ass Heroine, Murder Mystery, Secondary Romance

At exactly 7:30 p.m., Walter Pettibone arrived home to find more than a hundred friends and family shouting, "Surprise!" It was his birthday. Although he had known about the planned event for weeks, the real surprise was yet to come. At 8:45 p.m., a woman with emerald eyes and red hair handed him a glass of champagne. One sip of birthday bubbly, and he was dead.

The woman's name is Julie Dockport. No one at the party knew who she was. But Detective Eve Dallas remembers her all too well. Eve was personally responsible for Julie's incarceration nearly ten years ago. And now, let out on good behavior, she still has nothing but bad intentions. It appears she wants to meet Dallas again—in a reunion neither will forget.

"Murder was work."

Reunion in Death is the fourteenth book in the lengthy and highly entertaining In Death series featuring New York City homicide detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas.  While it can be read as a stand-alone, I try to recommend people read the series from the beginning (as daunting as that appears) in order to fully appreciate the amazing character development of everyone in the cast.  I am fourteen books in and I think this may be one of my favorites so far.

The story starts off with a wealthy businessman dropping dead at a surprise birthday party.  The only thing that stands out to witnesses is the redheaded waitress who handed poor Mr. Pettibone a glass of champagne moments before his death.  Eve quickly figures out that this is the work of Julianna Dunne, a woman who was jailed for murder almost a decade earlier.  Julianna has recently been released and is up to her old tricks again though this time she is coming after Eve, the cop who helped put her away the first time.

Julianna Dunne is easily one of my favorite villains so far in this series.  She is intelligent, ambitious, and as evil as they come.  Her hatred for men is obvious and the way that she punishes them for her personal feelings is intriguing and scary.  I liked the fact that Julianna had a sense of respect for Eve which peppered the way that she made her moves this time around.  I found her to be a worthy opponent for Eve since, for the majority of the book, she appeared to be one step ahead. 

This case forced Eve to really delve into what she remembered about Julianna and figure out how much she has changed in the past ten years.  There is much more traveling associated with this story and, while I love the NYC setting, I enjoyed getting out there in the world of 2059.  Eve is forced to travel to Chicago (Julianna's "rehab" center), Denver (possible crime scene), and Italy (high-class spa) with varying degrees of success.  I loved all the action in this installment and it really gets violent at some points which kept me on my toes.

The biggest challenge for Eve, however, is when she and her husband, Roarke, fly to Dallas to interview Julianna's stepfather.  After all, this is the city where Eve was discovered as a child and the memories from that time in her life continue to come back to torture her.  There is an absolutely gut-wrenching scene where Eve returns to that infamous hotel room and readers are forced to just sit and observe her reaction just as Roarke is.  I love the way that JD Robb continues to develop this aspect of Eve's character a small amount at a time and am intrigued to see where she goes from here with it.

Speaking of Roarke, things are also progressing on the marriage front with Eve and him.  They have reached their first anniversary and this provided readers with some great scenes between the two.  I loved getting to know more about their wedding...and wedding night since it happened off-page.  JD Robb definitely knows how to keep her fans happy!  I also liked it when Roarke was forced to act as bait in order to catch Julianna and Eve's protective instincts flare up even more than normal.  They are just a great couple whose relationship is constantly evolving in a realistic and entertaining fashion.

And, of course, I can't forgot the plethora of side characters that pepper this world.  Peabody gets her own cold case to solve and it was great to see her use everything that Eve has taught her.  We also got some fun with Peabody's parents showing up and using their Free Age philosophies to throw Eve and Roarke for a loop.  McNab and Peabody's relationship continues to grow as they figure out what they truly want from each other.  I also loved getting to meet profiler Charlotte Mira's absent-minded, but adorable husband.  And then there are the cameos from Dr. Louise Dimatto and licensed companion Charles Monroe...I could just go on and on.

In conclusion, Reunion in Death definitely will be remembered as one of my favorites of the series (so far).  The villain is easily one of the most interesting and most dangerous.  There is some major development of Eve and some of the side characters.  And, as always, Susan Ericksen is just perfection in the way she brings these stories to life.


Fever -- Definitely graphic, but still emotional descriptions.

1. "The whole point of love is that it has no reason. It just is."

2.  "Prison fit ain't street fit, bitch!"

There are too many to show here, but I'm providing a link to the Goodreads listing and the listing from JD Robb's website.



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  1. Ahhh so so good! I love the series. I've got 3 left and have been holding out on reading them. lol I ended up having lots of favorites through out the series. They're all just so nicely done :) Glad to hear you're enjoying it!


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