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NOVELLA REVIEW: "Whisper of Sin" by Nalini Singh

Whisper of Sin (Psy-Changeling, #0.6)
Whisper of Sin by Nalini Singh
(Psy-Changeling #0.6)

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For Ages 18+ (Language, Sensuality, Violence)
Paranormal Romance

Jove --February 2014 (Originally published in September 2012)
Ebook, 88 pages
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Novella, Shifters

San Francisco is under threat from a violent gang…a gang that has no idea who they’re challenging. The DarkRiver pack of leopard changelings has already claimed the city as their territory, and they will fight with wild fury to protect its residents. Emmett, a lethally trained leopard soldier, isn’t about to let outsiders muscle in on his home ground—especially when they target a human named Ria.

Emmett has one word for the smart stranger with her curvy body and tough spirit: mine.

Possessive, dominant, unyielding in his demands and desires, Emmett is unlike anyone Ria has ever before met. But while the sexy leopard changeling makes her body ignite, his kisses molten and his touch addicting, she’s no pushover and she has a few demands of her own. This leopard has met his match…

**Please note that Whisper of Sin is a reissue. It was first published in the multi-author anthology, Burning Up. This is the worldwide stand-alone ebook release for those who wanted to buy only this novella from the anthology.

"Her hose was shredded, Ria thought, staring uncomprehendingly at the bottoms of her feet."

I love Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series and one of my favorite parts is all the novellas that are written to help build the world.  Fans of the books have met Lucas's human assistant, Ria, and her Changeling husband, Emmett, since the beginning so it was great to see how their story began. While I do wish (like with most of the short stories in this series) that there was more to the story, I found this to be enjoyable and definitely worth the time.

Ria is a human who is threatened by gang that is trying to establish dominance in the city of San Francisco.  She is rescued by a group of Changelings who are part of the DarkRiver pack which claims San Francisco as its to protect from all outsiders.  One member of this group becomes intrigued by Ria's tenacity and that is loyal soldier, Emmett, who spends much of his time training the teenagers of the pack.

Like in most books of this series, I fell in love with both Ria and Emmett from the beginning.  Nalini Singh is amazing at creating strong females and sexy heroes who appreciate them.  Ria is definitely in a transition period in her life and I enjoyed watching her gain confidence with Emmett's supporting her the entire way.  Emmett is like most shifters in that he falls for Ria quickly which would normally annoy me in other genres, but it just works in paranormal romance.  These two have great chemistry and are just adorable together.

Another part that I enjoyed of Whisper of Sin is the depiction of Ria's family.  Paranormals don't always spend time on characters' families unless there is some tragedy involved.  But, Ria is lucky enough to have supportive parents and siblings along with a crackerjack of a grandmother.  I loved every scene with Ria and her family which also correlated well with the closeness of the DarkRiver pack.

In conclusion, I thought this novella provided great insight into the Psy-Changeling series and would be a nice way to introduce the world, and the author's style, to new readers.  I definitely recommend it for Singh newbies and long-time fans!


Flush -- Detailed descriptions of lovemaking though nothing overly graphic.

0.5. Beat of Temptation
0.6. Whisper of Sin
1. Slave to Sensation
2. Visions of Heat
3. Caressed by Ice
3.5. Stroke of Enticement
4. Mine to Possess
5. Hostage to Pleasure
6. Branded by Fire
7. Blaze of Memory
8. Bonds of Justice
9. Play of Passion
9.5. Declaration of Courtship
10. Kiss of Snow
10.5. Texture of Intimacy
11. Tangle of Need
12. Heart of Obsidian
13. Shield of Winter (Coming 2014)




  1. Great review, Jennifer! I saw you were reading this on GR and wondered about your take on it. I'm glad you liked it. I've finished only book 1 and 2, do you think I can read this novella now, or I read more of the novels first (in case it has some spoilers)?

    1. I think you could read it now. It is written as a prequel to the entire series so Lucas hasn't even met Sascha yet. I'm glad you are enjoying the is one of my favorites and I can't recommend it enough. Thanks for visiting!


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