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Happy Thursday, everyone! This is a new feature hosted by Buried Under Romance and Love Saves the World.

What is Throwback Thursday: Historical Romance Edition?
Traditionally, Throwback Thursday celebrates nostalgia, asking participants to post a personal photo or an image from their past -- usually from 5 to 10 years ago. There are a lot of book blogs that also do a book-related Throwback Thursday.  Since Tin and Mary C. are unapologetic lovers of historical romances, they've decided to focus on this beloved genre.

Here are the rules:
1. It must be posted on a Thursday.
2. It must be a historical romance novel published before October 2008.


And Then He Kissed Her (Girl Bachelors, #1)

Then He Kissed Her (Girl Bachelors #1) by Laura Lee Guhrke
Originally Published in February 27, 2007

Supremely sensible Emmaline Dove wishes to share her etiquette expertise with London's readers, and as secretary to Viscount Marlowe, Emma knows she's in the perfect position to make her dream come true. Marlowe might be a rake with a preference for can-can dancers and an aversion to matrimony, but he is also the city's leading publisher, and Emma is convinced he's her best chance to see her work in print...until she discovers the lying scoundrel has been rejecting her manuscripts without ever reading a single page!

As a publisher, Harry finds reading etiquette books akin to slow, painful torture. Besides, he can't believe his proper secretary has the passion to write anything worth reading. Then she has the nerve to call him a liar, and even resigns without notice, leaving his business in an uproar and his honor in question. Harry decides it's time to teach Miss Dove a few things that aren't proper. But when he kisses her, he discovers that his former secretary has more passion and fire than he'd ever imagined, for one luscious taste of her lips only leaves him hungry for more.

This was a book that I originally read based on a recommendation on Julia Quinn's website.  I loved the premise with the heroine being a working woman and the hero being her boss and a publisher.  Emma is a very admirable heroine with her independent spirit and her obsession with etiquette.  Harry took some getting used to, but I did really like the way that LLG developed his character through his past experiences.  Plus the fact that this book took place in the late 19th century helped make it stand out among all the Regency-era historicals.


  1. I really like THROWBACK THURSDAY. It reminds of so many good books. I liked "And Then He Kissed Her" very much, too. Actually the whole series was very good. My favorite one out of the series was the third book "Secret Desires Of A Gentleman".

  2. Awesome pick! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this book.Definitely a easy re read for me.

  3. Oooh, I haven't read this, but it does sound really good.I love the idea of a working heroine, and the hero being her boss- I'll definitely have to pick this one up soon!

  4. This looks like a great easy to read to get lost in and forget about your troubles for a day. And I like the twist that she is working for the hero. Thanks.

  5. Loved this series by Guhrke! Loved the idea of the Girl Bachelors and Emmaline was so capable and solid. ^_^ Great pick!

  6. This got on my TBR list because of Julia Quinn's recommendation on her website as well. ^__^ Although sadly, I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. But I love how unconventional the story is, not to mention the unique heroine of this book. Thanks for sharing Jennifer :)


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