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Q:  What is the last book that made you cry?

The Countess Conspiracy (Brothers Sinister, #3)

Here's an excerpt from my review:
"The honest depiction of a woman trying to balance her love of science and society's expectation of her was both heartbreaking and revitalizing. Violet is obsessed with her genetic theories, but her self-worth was damaged so badly by her late husband that she believes she should hide her true nature so as not to be "selfish." There were many moments in this book that I wanted to just hug Violet as she struggled to save her friendship with Sebastian, help her niece decide about her future, and make sure no one ever found out what a mess she was inside."
And here's a quote from the book that really explains why it made me cry: 
"She was a blacksmith's puzzle without a solution. Her faults never lay in the beginning of her acquaintances, but at the end--when she drove everyone who cared for her away. It was only a question of how long it took them to ferret out the truth. Nothing was what she was; nothing was what she gave to those foolish enough to care for your. Nothing was what she deserved, and so nothing had been what she got. It didn't matter how hard she tried or what she did. At the end of the day she was a selfish, pointless, lying coward."



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  1. Aww I think I would love violet myself. Adore historical romance that can bring on a lot of emotions.
    New Bloglovin follower :)

    My F&F

  2. Oh, you're right, that is so sad :( I hope she realized she was not worthless by the end of this book!

    Old Bloglovin' follower - new Twitter follower :)
    Amanda @ i solemnly swear

  3. Ooo. I have yet to read anything by Courtney Milan, but clearly I need to make it a priority. I've seen you praise her books a lot.

    I love historical romances. LOVE. But as much as I love them, scenes like th eabove make me so glad I live in 21st century U.S.

  4. Sounds awesome, I need to keep CM in mind for when I feel like crying :) Old follower in every way :)
    Have a great weekend, Jennifer.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  5. I haven't read this but I've seen it around before :)

    Old Follower
    My FF .
    Zareena @ Books and Books

  6. I see that I need to make this series a priority, since I only hear great things. And the dress is gorgeous.


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