Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Worlds I'd Never Want To Live In

Hosted by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish.

~Top Ten Worlds I'd Never Want To Live In~

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
1. Panem -- The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins
I think it is a bit obvious, but I definitely wouldn't want to live in a place where something like the Hunger Games takes place though the fashion in the Capitol is kinda cool.

Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)
2. Godspeed -- Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis
As much as I am fascinated by space, I have no desire to live on a spaceship that is traveling to an unknown planet
[My Review of Across the Universe]

The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1)
3. The Nevernever -- Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa
I love the way that Kagawa describes this land of Fae, but it just seems to dangerous for my taste.
[My Review of The Iron King]

Pleasure Unbound (Demonica, #1)
4. Sheoul -- Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series by Larissa Ione
Basically, a version of hell full of demons (humanoid and not).  A no-brainer for me.
[My Review of Immortal Rider]

Darkfever (Fever, #1)
5. Dublin -- Fever/Fever World series by Karen Marie Moning
The descriptions of the fae that inhabit this city (before and after the wall between the worlds crashed) are too terrifying for me to sleep comfortably.

Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk, #1)
6. London -- London Steampunk series by Bec McMaster
While this is a fascinating alternate version of the city, I would have some issues living in a world where aristocratic vampires select blood slaves and fight against cyborgs.
[My Review of Kiss of Steel]

Across a Star-Swept Sea (For Darkness Shows the Stars, #2)
7. Galatea -- Across a Star-Swept Sea by Diana Peterfreund
Way too similar to Revolutionary France for me plus the concept of Reduction just makes me sad.
[My Review of Across a Star-Swept Sea]

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1)
8. Post-Apocalyptic California -- Angelfall by Susan Ee
I definitely don't want to live in a world full of killer angels.
[My Review of Angelfall]

Unholy Ghosts (Downside Ghosts, #1)
9. Downside -- Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane
A church-controlled world full of ghosts, psychotic drug dealers, and tons of violence?  No thanks!

[My Review of Unholy Ghosts]

Divergent (Divergent, #1)
10. Chicago -- Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth
Another obvious answer, but I have no desire to live in a place that will define me by one personality trait.
[My Review of Divergent]


  1. I gotta agree with you on Sheoul. Definitely NOT Disneyland.

  2. I had completely forgotten about The NeverNever.... geez all those conniving creatures always up to no good and you never know who to trust ( est go with 'no one')... no way I'd ever survive there! Love it. Excellent list!! :D

    -Lety @ Gone With The Words

  3. Yea definitely don't want to be in a world if the Fae took over (Darkfever) lol!!!
    No thanks to being sexed to death, right!!!
    check out my worlds http://bookhangoversbb.blogspot.com/
    xoxo ♥

  4. Oh heck no, I would not want to be living in Panem. I can't even handle reading the books, so actually living there. I would not handle that well. And as much as I loved Across a Star-Swept Sea, living in a society like that. Albion doesn't treat women well, and Galatea is reducing everyone. And I agree, the idea of reduction is scary.

  5. Across the Universe is a good one! If you think about Amy didn't even really want to go which makes her character all the more interesting to read about.

  6. Good list, I agree that Panem is a terrible place to live.

  7. I enjoy this list you have!! I just started reading Moning's series. And so I agree, I wouldn't want to live in a world where Fae exists.


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