Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TOP TEN TUESDAY: My Reading Wishlist

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~Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist~


1. Imperial Japan
I know very little about this era, but I would love to learn more about it through either YA historical fiction or historical romance.  I have really been enjoying Jeannie Lin's romances that take place in Tang Dynasty China and it has been fascinating to read about something I know nothing about.

2. Victorian-era Australia
I read a lot of UK-set romances and they usually only mention Australia's position as a penal colony.  I just know there is more to it and I would love read about it.

3. Tsarist Russia
A tumulutous time, but one that seems like the perfect setting for a historical romance or a YA historical fiction novel.  What would be most fascinating is whether the author chooses to focus on the aristocracy or the peasants.

4. Renaissance Italy
A time period full of fashion, academia, and political intrigue that I think would make an amazing setting for historical romance.  I have a soft spot for Venice (in particular), but I would love to read about any of the city states from the point of view of people who live there, not visitors.


5. Sirens
I just love the mythology behind their existence and would love to see an author build a paranormal world around them.  It would be equally interesting if there were even male sirens...

6. Banshees
I know that Rachel Vincent focused on them in her Soul Screamers series, but I want more.  I would especially love to see an adult paranormal romance look at them.

7. Moirae
The Fates have always been interesting and I want to know their origin story.  Plus it would be fun to see them have to adjust to falling in love or interacting with the human world.


8. The Six Swans
The tale of six brothers who are cursed by their stepmother and their sister has to rescue them?  Sounds like a winner to me!  I would especially love to see someone like Diana Peterfreund do a sci-fi version of it.

9. Snow Queen
I have a feeling this will be coming after the success of Frozen and I couldn't be more excited.  I especially love the way that Disney handled the sisterly relationship which I think could be interesting in YA fiction.

10. Allerleirauh
My all-time favorite fairy tale when I was little that tells the story of a girl who tries to prevent her future marriage by requesting impossible gifts.  The original has her trying to avoid a marriage with her own father (understandably), but I didn't read that version until I was a teenager.  There is a lot of fashion and the heroine in disguise which I think would be fun to read about.


  1. The Six Swans was a favorite fairytale of mine when I was a kid. I think there is a YA retelling, but I've never read it. But if Diana Peterfreund wrote one, I would be ALL OVER THAT!

  2. Yes to most of these! Re The Snow Queen, Mercedes Lackey has done two versions of that - one called The Snow Queen, set in her 500 Kingdoms world, and one called The Wizard of London, set in her Elemental Magic world. Neither is the best in its series, but I liked them. The Snow Queen has a few continuity flaws, but it's also an interesting take on the story, as well as giving a nice look at Sammi culture.

  3. Very interesting list! I haven't read anything on these topics and I curious about some of them - Imperial Japan and Victorian-era Australia, sirens and moirae seem particularly intriguing :)

  4. Great list! Imperial Japan and Tsarist Russia really do sound like great settings for a historical romance, oh the possibilities...:) And I'd also love to read #7, I don't have much background on this but it sounds very intriguing. Thanks for sharing and for dropping by my TTT earlier :)


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