Tuesday, October 1, 2013


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1. Cheating/Adultery
I've mentioned this many times on my blog so I won't beat the dead horse, but it just irritates me and has made me put down many romances.  Infidelity is not sexy or romantic!

2. Super Alpha Heroes 
Another well-known pet peeve of mine!  I am a huge fan of alpha heroes (though I prefer betas in real life), but there is a line between alpha and asshole in my mind that I don't like to see crossed.

3. Static Characters
Character development is one of my favorite parts of reading.  Therefore, when I find a character (especially a main one) that does not change in anyway during a story, I usually end up bored and angry.

4. Conveniently Absent Parents
I do know that there are parents who do not pay attention to their kids and their lives, but it seems like there are so many of them in YA fiction nowadays.  And, most irritating to me, there is usually not a reason other than it is easier for the author.

5. Porn Without Plot (PWP)
While love scenes aren't the main reason I enjoy romance, I don't mind them or how hot they get.  But, what I don't like is when authors write sex scenes without any character development or story.  I don't mind the steam, but I want some emotion to go with it.

6. Poor Research (Primarily Historical)
This is a general turn-off for me as a former history student and fan of academia.  I hate it when it is obvious that an author has done little to no research on the topic their book is focused on.  This is especially true for historical romances though I will admit that I do find some guilty pleasure in "wallpaper historicals."

7. Love Triangles
Another pet peeve that is pretty well-known to frequent visitors to my blog.  I don't actually mind them in theory, but, when they are just used as a generic plot device or a way to get media attention, I'm done.

8. Big Misunderstandings
This is another frequent plot device for romances that gets on my nerves.  I know that there needs to be some reason that our hero and heroine are forced apart or conflicted, but I want some creativity!

9. Telling Rather Than Showing
This has to do more with writing style.  While I don't need tons of detail to level of Lord of the Rings, I need more than just "He said...She said...He felt..."

10. Unrealistic Dialogue 
Another writing style turn-off is dialogue that seems stunted or just unnatural.  I notice this even more when listening to audiobooks.  A high school English teacher taught me to read all the dialogue out loud to avoid any awkward statements and I wish more authors would use that tip.


  1. Cheating and absentee parents made my list too, I find them tedious and redundent. Great top ten!

  2. So glad to see love triangles on so many lists. They are so irritating!

  3. Oh my gosh, I said something very similar about the Super Alpha Heros. I like reading about alpha males, but, like you said, there's alpha, and then there's assholes. And seriously, I hate love triangles. Yucks.

  4. Great points. It's difficult to find a well made love triangle that makes sense. Some characters just seem to love whatever guy lends her a hand. Thanks for stopping by my TTT :)

  5. Cheating is a turn off in any form! Lack of research is also really frustrating

  6. I never thought of the lack of research as a turn-off since I don't read historicals, but it is a valid point for any genre/story.


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