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SERIES REVIEW: McCabe Trilogy by Maya Banks

In Bed with a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy, #1)Seduction of a Highland Lass (McCabe Trilogy, #2)Never Love a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy, #3)

In Bed With a Highlander, Seduction of a Highland Lass, Never Love a Highlander 
by Maya Banks
(McCabe Trilogy #1, 2, 3)

For Ages 18+
Historical Romance -- Medieval Scotland
Ballantine -- August 2011, September 2011, October 2011
Mass Market Paperbacks
All Received Thru Paperback Swap

Highlands, Tortured Heroes, Tormented Heroines, Tearjerkers

Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I love historical romances.  And, within that genre, one of my main loves is Highlands romances.  There is just something about them that draws me to the stories over and over again whether it is the hot men in kilts, the fiesty heroines, or the wild setting.  That is why I was excited to discover Maya Banks's McCabe trilogy which had everything that I ask for in a Highlands-set love story.

This series focuses on the three McCabe brothers (Ewan, Alaric, and Caelan) who work together to keep their home protected from outsiders after a massacre almost destroyed their clan.  Each brother has their own unique responses to the massacre which is evident in their own stories.  Ewan (the laird) is dealing with grief over the murder of his wife and trying to insure that his son does not have to deal with uncertainty when he inherits the title.  Alaric, the middle brother, spends much of his time fighting for his clan and shows that he is willing to sacrifice anything (even his own happiness) for the good of those he loves.  And then there's Caelan (the youngest) whose entire life view was shattered when the woman he loved betrayed him and caused the massacre in the first place.  He has spent the next few years making up for that youthful folly and training others to fight alongside him.

I absolutely adored all three of the brothers for their strong-willed personalities that hide amazing loyalty and protective instincts.  I liked the way that Maya Banks showed each of their personal reactions to the issues their clan was facing and that they each had a role to play in keeping everything running smoothly.  They had a great and realistic relationship with each other which included plenty of arguing, but always ended up in a peaceful moment. 

In terms of the heroines, I am not going to get into specifics about which one goes with which hero because that is part of the fun of reading this trilogy.  There were definitely some surprises for me on that front!  But, I do want to give potential readers some insight into these wonderful ladies.  Keeley, Mairin, and Rionna are three very different women who share the fact that they have had some bad luck in their past.  Keeley has been an outcast from her clan after a traumatic experience, but never lets that get in the way of her caring nature.  I love reading about Medieval healers so I definitely enjoyed Keeley's story.  Mairin is a great example of a fiesty Highlands heroine who struck a balance between spunky and sweet.  Her convent upbringing is really intriguing and is shown in her easy way of relating to others when she arrives at the McCabes' home.  And then there's Rionna who has lived her life trying to show her father that she is just as valuable as a son through dressing like a man and being trained with various weapons.  While I really liked all three heroines, Rionna stole my heart from the moment she walked onto the page.  I love unconventional heroines and she is a wonderful example of that theme.

In addition to these amazing heroes and heroines, I also want to make sure to mention the secondary characters that Maya Banks creates to pepper the rest of the world of the McCabe brothers.  Readers learn a lot about the people that are a part of the McCabe clan and, if they are like me, they will become invested in their lives as well.  My particular favorite was Gannon who acted as a friend and second-in-command for the brothers.  He has a prominent place in each book and I am hopeful that Maya Banks will write a novella showing his happily ever after in the future.

Another thing I want to bring to attention about this trilogy is the emotional aspect.  While I can find something to get teary-eyed about in most good romances, there were quite a few moments in these books that had me sobbing like a baby.  All the characters had real issues to deal with and there is some major emotional upheaval going on.  So be prepared and have some tissues ready when starting this trilogy!  And be assured that all the tears are worth it in the end especially in the conclusion of Never Bed a Highlander (the trilogy's finale.)

All in all, I fell in love with Maya Banks's writing with this trilogy!  She has taken everything that I love about Highlands romance and just turned it up a notch.  I am looking forward to reading more of her writings in this genre and hope that more people will give these books a try.  They are definitely worth the time.



  1. I've been quite curious about the McCabe trilogy for awhile now. I have read a few Maya Banks books, and I've liked them. And I also love a Highlands story, too. I love Julie Garwood's highland romances! I can't imagine anything topping those (in my mind). I should definitely look into these books though. I have heard really great things.

    Thanks for the series review!!

  2. Earg! I so need to start these. They really do sound amazing. She's one of my favorite authors but for some reason just haven't made it to these but her KGI series and her Sweet series. fantastic. Will have to move these up my read list :)


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