Thursday, August 8, 2013

THROWBACK THURSDAY: "Violet Eyes" by Nicole Luiken

New weekly feature hosted by Bookfever and Booksane.  The point of the meme is to feature books that we've read awhile ago, but still adore.  In addition, the hosts will be providing a fun question to answer each week.  So join in!


Violet Eyes (Violet Eyes, #1) 
by Nicole Luiken

YA Science Fiction
Published by Simon Pulse; January 1, 2001

"I'm the Idea Girl, the one who can always think of something to do."

Angel Eastland knows she's different. It's not just her violet eyes that set her apart. She's smarter than her classmates and more athletically gifted. Her only real competition is Michael Vallant, who also has violet eyes -- eyes that tell her they're connected, in a way she can't figure out.

Michael understands Angel. He knows her dreams, her nightmares, and her most secret fears. Together they begin to realize that nothing around them is what it seems. Someone is watching them, night and day. They have just one desperate chance to escape, one chance to find their true destiny, but their enemies are powerful -- and will do anything to stop them. 


This was a book that I received as a gift when I was in middle school.  I wasn't really into science fiction, but I decided to try it one day when I got bored.  And I think I finished it within a few hours and had to let all my family/friends know how amazing of a book that it was.  I re-read it again years later and thought that it held up pretty well.  I did notice some plot inconsistencies and the romance was a bit too insta-love for my current tastes, but I was still impressed.  

Also, if you read and like Violet Eyes, there are two more books in the series with the third being self-published by the author just this year.  

Silver Eyes (Violet Eyes, #2)  Angel Eyes (Violet Eyes, #3)


Do you have an e-reader?

I have an iPad that I absolutely could not live without.  I primarily use the Amazon Kindle app because of the easy usage and great deals.  I am going to need to retire my iPad sometime soon since I've had it for almost three years and it is slowing down significantly.  So I'm thinking about getting a Kindle or Kindle Fire when the time comes.  Any recommendations?

Also, I may adore my e-books, but paper books are still my one true love!



  1. Thanks for participating, Jennifer! :D

    I only have a basic Kindle but I'm thinking of getting a paperwhite in a few months and keeping my basic as reserve. :)

    ~Stephanie @ Bookfever

  2. Oh my god! I remember borrowing this from my friend in seventh grade. I didn't know there were sequels.

    (This also sparked a years-long debate with that friend over whether "iffy" was a real word, because she referred to the romantic content as "iffy scenes" for some reason. Oh, memories.)

    1. I'm so glad to see someone else remembered this! Most people I mention it to nowadays have never heard of this. Silver Eyes is really interesting and I'm definitely checking out Angel Eyes now that I know about it. Thanks for visiting!

    2. My grade 8 girls read this en masse when it first came out. It's wonderful and their books were passed around the school until they fell apart., Then the school copy fell apart. I've read all three and have only praise for Angel and all her friends! Exciting and plot twists galore. Everyone who likes good solid adventure will like these three novels. The newest one JUST came out: Angel Eyes!


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