Friday, August 30, 2013


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Q: If you could only have one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Such a hard question!  After much debating this past week, I guess I would have to go with Persuasion by Jane Austen.  It is probably my all-time favorite book and I haven't gotten bored with it yet after almost fifty re-reads.  I could be happy re-reading Captain Wentworth's letter to Anne for the rest of my life...le sigh!



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  1. Nice choice. Not one I've read but it's jane austen so I'm sure it's good.
    New bloglovin' follower.
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  2. Not read this one yet, but it's been recommended several times! I'll have to pick it up soon.

    Happy Friday!
    My FF
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  3. Yay! My favorite Austen novel! New bloglovin follower.

  4. Jane Austen is always a good choice!

  5. Lovely choice!

    New bloglovin follower!

  6. Austen is a classic. Great choice! Thanks for stopping by. Old follower.

  7. Good choice, I own it but I have not read it yet. New Blog Lovin follower.

    My FF:

    I finished Origin recently and OMG it was amazing, it's the best one yet. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on it. Have a good week.

  8. Great choice! Mine was a toss up between two Jane Austen novels but P&P won ;-)
    Old BL follower,
    The Book Cove


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