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AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: "My Bluegrass Baby" by Molly Harper

My Bluegrass Baby
My Bluegrass  Baby by Molly Harper; Narrated by Amanda Ronconi
For Ages 18+
Contemporary Romance
Pocket Star -- December 17, 2012
Audiobook, 5 hours and 28 minutes
Purchased from Audible

Opposites Attract, Experienced Heroine

Sadie Hutchins loves her job at the Kentucky Tourism Commission. Not only could her co-workers double as the cast of Parks & Recreation, but she loves finding the unusual sites, hidden gems, and just-plain-odd tourist attractions of her home state. She’s a shoo-in for the director’s job when her boss retires at the end of the year…until hotshot Josh Vaughn shows up to challenge her for the position.

Josh is all sophisticated polish while Sadie’s country comfort, and the two have very different ideas of what makes a good campaign. So when their boss pits them against each other in a winner-takes-all contest, they’re both willing to fight dirty if it means getting what they want. But it turns out, what Josh and Sadie want could be each other—and Josh’s kisses are the best Kentucky attraction Sadie’s found yet!

"If one is going to spend her afternoon singing hymns to the great porcelain goddess, she might as well do it in a really plush ladies room."

Time for another gushing review for a Molly Harper book!   Sometimes I feel like a broken record when it comes review these books, but I just adore them.  There is just something about Harper's writing style and settings that have captured my attention.  While I enjoy romances of all kinds, contemporary is not one of the main genres I seek out for some reason.  But, I was intrigued by My Bluegrass Baby's summary and knew I had to try it out.  And I found it to be a cute and hilarious story with two great characters and plenty of Harper's trademark wit.

One of the main things I have to mention about this book is that the setting completely sold me on it!  It takes place in the state of Kentucky and focuses on the Kentucky Tourism  Commission.  Now, I am a lifelong Kentuckian so it was a blast reading about places that I have been familiar with my entire life.  It is very rare when I can realistically visualize where the characters are and I was able to do that throughout the story.  And Harper definitely knows her Kentucky!

My Bluegrass Baby focuses on Sadie Hutchins, assistant marketing director for the Tourism Commission, who is preparing to make the jump to director when her mentor retire at the end of the summer.  Unfortunately, her plans get skewed when Atlanta marketing genius Josh Vaughn shows up.  What happens is a series of pranks, arguments, and moments of sexual tension as Josh and Sadie try to outmaneuver each other to get the promotion.

I adored both Sadie and Josh.  Sadie is a fairly typical Harper heroine with a quirky personality that never ventures into annoying who loves her job and just has a habit of ending up in bizarre situations.  She, rightfully, is angry that she is possibly going to be passed over for the promotion and is willing to do anything to get it.  Her sense of humor was very similar to that of Jane Jameson which alwasy entertains me.  Josh was a bit hard to get a read on at the beginning, but there is a very good reason for that.  I liked the development that the author did with his personality and how she slowly revealed the truth behind his desire for the job.  

As a couple, Sadie and Josh were electric.  They had sexual tension from the moment they met each other and, of course, fought it for a significant amount of the book.  I loved watching them try to one up each other from the hilarious scene at the puppet museum to their passive aggressive fights at staff meetings.  Besides physical chemistry, it also became obvious how well suited their personalities were once they finally stopped fighting and talked to each other. 

Besides Sadie and Josh, Molly Harper also introduces readers to the rest of Kentucky Tourism Commission's marketing department who really reminded me of the characters in the Parks and Recreation tv show.  Each member of the department has a unique personality that is weirdly suited to their particular job and their interactions were so much fun.  I particularly enjoyed their "field trip" to the Civil War reenactment site.  I'm not sure if Harper is planning on writing a sequel to My Bluegrass Baby, but, if so, I would love to see Kelsey and Charles get their happily ever after together.

And, per normal, Amanda Ronconi did a fabulous job narrating this book.  She has a real connection with Harper's writing style and sense of humor which always makes for a fun listening experience.  I definitely recommend audiobook fans to check out her work!

4.5 STARS -- Really enjoyable book that is just this close to being wonderful.  May re-read in the future.


  1. I haven't ever tried anything by Molly Harper -- I'll have to do that -- you make her books sound great!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. They are so good! Perfect summer reads! Besides this one, I also highly recommend her Jane Jameson series if you are into paranormals. Thanks for visiting!


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