Monday, July 15, 2013


15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine


  1. Pretty or interesting background -- Though they still need to be easy to read.
  2. Loads quickly -- I don't want to wait forever for your various graphics to load up.
  3. No music or sound effects -- They usually make me jump out of my chair.
  4. Personalized review formats -- I like knowing what others look at when reading books even if they are different than me.
  5. Images -- They help break up the long text of reviews, memes, etc.  It can be anything like a book cover or a gif.
  6. Variety -- Nice balance between reviews, memes, and blog tours.
  7. A way to search for past reviews whether through an archive page or a search box.
  8. Some way to know what the blogger is currently reading -- I like to know what I can look forward to reading a review about.
  9. Regular posting -- If I like what I see, I want to be assured that there will be lots more of it to read soon.
  10. Sense of personality -- It doesn't have to be overwhelmingly obvious, but I like to know more about the people behind the great blogs I read...though I'm not always the best at sharing.
  11. Rating system -- I like to know what type of review I'm about to read beforehand and try to use rating systems to figure it out.
  12. Easy ways to follow the blog -- If I like it, I want more and it should be fairly painless to do so.
  13. Something to tell me what bloggers' favorite books or genres are quickly.
  14. Well-written reviews -- They don't need to be academic quality, but I like them to have minimal typos, proper grammar, and some organization.
  15. Easy to comment -- I am trying to be better about commenting on blog posts I read, but I like for this to be as painless as possible.  This primarily means: No Captcha!


  1. I totally agree with every single thing on your list! & I love #8! It's always interesting to see what the blogger is reading.
    Great post!


  2. We have very similar likes on a blog. I didn't think about no music, but I agree. I clicked on a blog this weekend, and all this music blasted from the speakers. Like you said, I practically jumped out of my chair. Plus, when I am on the computer I tend to be watching TV too, and then I miss some of the show.

    1. On the music...I also look at blogs on lunch break and definitely don't need all that noise in the middle of the office. I'd get some awkward looks. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Jennifer fantastic list, many are things that I agree with you. I'm actually having problems with my blog as I participated on a blog tour with audio included in the button, I wasn't aware. As soon as I realised that audio was included I removed the button but now the audio is still on it, it's driving me insane as this is definitely one of my big no no's!!!!

    Day 8 Book Blogger Challenge

  4. Great list! The rating system is really a key feature for me. I love know right away whether the blogger liked the particular book or not and rating it makes this very easy and comparable.

  5. these are basically every thing that appeals to me, too. 10, 11 and 14 are particularly important for me, especially number ten. Reading a blog is much like reading a novel -- I like to get a sense of character from the blogger(s) ;)


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