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REVIEW: "Sweet Revenge" by Zoe Archer

Sweet Revenge (Nemesis Unlimited, #1)
Sweet Revenge by Zoe Archer
(Nemesis Unlimited #1)

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For Ages 18+
Historical Romance
St. Martin's Press -- June 4, 2013
Ebook, 432 pages
Received from Netgalley

Spies, Tortured Hero, Experienced Heroine

When Jack Dalton escapes from Dunmoor Prison, he has only one thing in mind—finding the nobleman who murdered his sister and making him pay. But when he reaches the inn where the Lord Rockley is rumored to be staying, three well-dressed strangers are there to meet him instead. And the pretty blonde is aiming a pistol right at his head …

Joining Nemesis, Unlimited has made Eva Warrick much more than the well-mannered lady she appears to be—one who can shoot, fight, and outsmart any man in the quest to right the injustices so often suffered by the innocent. She’s not afraid of the burly escaped convict, but she is startled by their shared attraction. She and her partners need Jack’s help to get to Rockley, but Eva finds she wants Jack for scandalous reasons all her own…

Most prison escapes took months, sometimes years, of planning.  Jack Dalton had one day.

I have heard good things about Zoe Archer's writing so I was intrigued when I saw Sweet Revenge on Netgalley and was ecstatic when I was approved for it.  This is the first book in Archer's new Nemesis Unlimited series which is strictly historical romance and has overtones from the TV show, Leverage, and Ocean's Eleven.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this book and am anxiously waiting for November when its sequel is released.

The hero of this book is one of the ones that I adore in historical romances: dark, tortured, and unused to trusting others.  Jack Dalton grew up on the streets of London and ended up earning a living by becoming a bodyguard for a nobleman who later killed his sister and sent Jack to prison.  Because of his background, Jack is gruff and uncomfortable in social situations.  He is obsessed with getting revenge for his sister's death and believes that only his physical strength can do that.  But, through his interaction with the other characters especially the heroine, Jack learns that he has much more to offer than brute strength and becomes more confident in his intelligence.

For a hero as well-developed as Jack, his heroine needs to be intelligent, beautiful, and full of fire which is exactly the description for Eva.  She works as a tutor for middle class children during the day and acts as an operative for a secret organization, Nemesis Unlimited, by the day.  I really liked and admired Eva throughout this book.  She is smart, fiery, and confident without being reckless.  She has a strong sense of justice yet has spent much of her life keeping her personal feelings to herself, but all that changes when she meets Jack Dalton.

Eva and Jack are two great characters that make an equally fabulous couple.  There is a ton of chemistry between them from the moment they meet after Jack's prison escape.  They both have issues with personal relationships, but that doesn't stop them from wanting each other and thinking about what could happen between them.  The thing I really liked about this couple was how they interacted with each other and learned to trust while working on their mission together especially because of the trust issues each of them have.

The focus of the series is Nemesis Unlimited, an interesting group of people from all walks of life who have come together to get justice for people who can't get it for themselves.  They focus primarily on the poor, women, and children.  There are many people in Nemesis so this provides Archer with plenty of side characters to feature in the series.  I am particularly interested in Simon (an army veteran from a noble family) and Marco (an Italian spy).

Overall, I was really impressed by Sweet Revenge and Zoe Archer's writing style.  Eva and Jack were well-written characters that I found myself rooting for from the moment I met them.  I will definitely be checking out Dangerous Seduction when it comes out as well as catching up on the rest of Zoe Archer's backlist.  Highly recommended!

I received a free e-copy of Sweet Revenge from St. Martin's Press through Netgalley in exchange for providing an honest review.

***4.5 STARS***

1. Sweet Revenge
2. Dangerous Seduction (Coming November 2013)

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  1. Nice review - I'm planning to read this, my first Zoe Archer. Sounds like you really liked it!


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