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REVIEW: "Sweet Peril" by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy, #2)
Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins
For Ages 15+
Young Adult -- Paranormal
HarperTeen -- April 30, 2013
Paperback, 371 pages
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Tortured Hero, Family Issues, Love Triangle

Anna Whitt, the daughter of a guardian angel and a demon, promised herself she’d never do the work of her father—polluting souls. She’d been naive to make such a vow. She’d been naive about a lot of things. 

Haunted by demon whisperers, Anna does whatever she can to survive, even if it means embracing her dark side and earning an unwanted reputation as her school’s party girl. Her life has never looked more bleak. And all the while there’s Kaidan Rowe, son of the Duke of Lust, plaguing her heart and mind.

When an unexpected lost message from the angels surfaces, Anna finds herself traveling the globe with Kopano, son of Wrath, in an attempt to gain support of fellow Nephilim and give them hope for the first time. It soon becomes clear that whatever freedoms Anna and the rest of the Neph are hoping to win will not be gained without a fight. Until then, Anna and Kaidan must put aside the issues between them, overcome the steamiest of temptations yet, and face the ultimate question: is loving someone worth risking their life?

Unbeknownst to the Roman community, 666 earthbound demons were making use of the infamous Coliseum.


Warning!  This review will contain spoilers from the previous book in the Sweet Trilogy.

Wendy Higgins's debut, Sweet Evil, was one of my favorite reads of 2012.  I loved her unique take on angels and the way that she developed her characters especially Kaidan and Anna.  So I was eagerly anticipating the sequel and am glad to report that, while it was not as mind blowing as the prequel, it was still an enjoyable sequel that really helps move the series story line forward.

Sweet Peril takes place a couple months after the end of the last book and shows Anna trying to deal with the fact that she is now being watched by demon whisperers who are reporting her every move to the rest of the fallen angels (Dukes).  As a child of the Duke of Substance Abuse, Anna is expected to inspire others to become addicted to alcohol and drugs or risk being killed for disobedience.  But, as readers of the first book know, this duty is difficult for Anna who is one of the most genuinely nice YA heroines I've read about in years.

I really enjoyed the way that Wendy Higgins has developed Anna's personality.  She is a very sweet person who is easy to root for especially since she is basically being forced to be a bad influence in order to stay alive.  The events of Sweet Evil and this book have made Anna less naive than she was at the beginning of the series, but she still maintains that innocence that makes her so unique.  I admire that she is willing to do almost anything in order to survive yet tries to keep her morals in tact.  And Anna will need every bit of her innocence and kindness if she's going to deal with some of the revelations from this book regarding her future role as a Neph.

And, of course, I can't not mention one of my favorite book boyfriends from 2012, Kaidan Rowe, son of the Duke of Lust.  Kai is still as sexy and intriguing as he was in Sweet Evil, but readers (and Anna) get to see more of his personality especially in the later half of the book.  I liked seeing the balance of snark and sweetness that Kai shows Anna and wish that there would have been more scenes with him.  Kai and Anna's relationship is written so well that their scenes just make me turn the pages faster and faster.  I have been impressed with the way that Higgins writes their tension.  It is pretty hot for a YA, but I never felt like it crossed a line within the genre.

Sweet Peril also allows readers to get to see more of the great side characters of the series.  I particularly enjoyed the development of Kopano who is much more complicated than I ever gave him credit for.  I applaud the author for not taking Anna and Kope's relationship too far into love triangle territory since I'm not a huge fan of that particularly plot line.  Readers also get to see more of the twins, Anna's father, and Patti which I enjoyed.

All in all, I thought this book was an entertaining and important middle book in the Sweet trilogy.  It further develops the main players' personalities and helps set things up for what I'm thinking will be a pretty big finale.  The future of the Dukes and the Nephs is pretty unclear at the moment and I can't wait to see where Wendy Higgins takes the series next.

***4 STARS***

I was more myself with you during those three days than I’ve ever been with anyone in my life. It’d be easier if I could be fake with you, but you bring out everything in me, little Ann. All of it.

1. Sweet Evil
2. Sweet Peril
3. Sweet Reckoning (Coming 2014)

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