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REVIEW: "Lord of Wicked Intentions" by Lorraine Heath

Lord of Wicked Intentions (The Lost Lords of Pembrook, #3)
Lord of Wicked Intentions by Lorraine Heath
(Lost Lords of Pembrook #3)

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For Ages 18+
Historical Romance
Avon -- April 30, 2013
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
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Family Issues, Tortured Hero, Hero in Pursuit

Lord Rafe Easton may be of noble blood, but survival taught him to rely only on himself and to love no one. Yet when he sets his eyes on Miss Evelyn Chambers, and earl's illegitimate daughter, he is determined to have her, if only as his mistress.

After her father's death, Evelyn Chambers never imagined she would be sold to the highest bidder, yet circumstances give her little choice except to accept the lord's indecent proposal. Rafe is wealthy, as well as ruthless. Yet his coldness belies deep passion and deeper secrets. If she must be his, Evelyn intends to lay bare everything the Lord of Pembrook is hiding. But dark discoveries threaten to destroy them both until unexpected love guides the last lost lord home.

Lord Rafe Easton waited, unmoving.

Lord of Wicked Intentions is the conclusion to Lorraine Heath's Lost Lords of Pembrook trilogy and is easily my favorite of the series.  It can be read as a stand-alone though I did read the books in order.  I loved almost everything about this book and believe it to be one of Heath's best romances in years.

Just as a quick introduction, the Lost Lords of Pembrook series deals with three brothers whose father was killed by their uncle and they were forced to run away in order to avoid a similar fate.  To insure their safety, the three boys (Sebastian, Tristan, and Rafe) went separate ways and reunited more than a decade later to regain control of their inheritance.

This book focuses on the youngest of the Easton lords, Rafe, who was left in a workhouse by his older brothers when he was just ten years old.  Throughout the trilogy, Rafe's life after that has been a mystery other than he managed to work his way to owning one of the London's most prominent gambling clubs.  The story begins with Rafe visiting an acquaintance who is auctioning off his half-sister as a mistress in order to pay off his gambling debts.  Rafe is instantly attracted to the woman and sets her up as a mistress.

I loved the way that Lorraine Heath depicted Rafe.  He was a child who felt like he was a burden on his older brothers and was abandoned because of that.  Rafe was forced to learn to rely solely on himself in order to avoid being hurt again and this is evident from the beginning.  His obsession with work keeps him from searching for affection (from his family and others), but he can't hide that ambition forever.  Despite his outwardly cold demeanor, Rafe has never gotten over his desire to be a part of a family and even collects globes as a way to be connected to his brothers while they were gone.

The heroine of this book, Evelyn, really surprised me with how much I liked her.  She is the beloved, but illegitimate daughter of an earl who sheltered her for most of her life and kept her out of society's eye.  After his death, her fate was placed in the hands of her half-brother who decides to sell her to highest bidder which ends up being Rafe.  Evelyn was innocent and pretty naive due to her upbringing, but I rarely found her annoying or clingy.  She is an intelligent woman who is willing to do whatever she needs to do in order to survive which I really admired.  She is also pretty sensitive to the feelings of others which helps her in her interactions with Rafe.

As a couple, Rafe and Evelyn were wonderful to read about.  There was a ton of sexual tension especially with their early roles as mistress and patron, but the relationship was not consummated until late.  I found this to be refreshing and allowed the two to really get to know one another on an emotional scale as well as a physical one despite Rafe's efforts.  I loved that Rafe was shown obsessing over Evelyn (not in a creepy way) from the beginning and how quickly he connected with her despite his better judgment.  Both of these characters desire someone to love and have love them in return and it was nice to see them gain that through their relationship with each other.

Besides the romance, there was also a subplot involving a mystery about the late owner of Rafe's club.  There are various attempts on both Rafe and Evelyn's life that they had to deal with, but I didn't think it distracted from the main story line.  I did figure out who was behind everything pretty early on though it didn't decrease my overall enjoyment.

In conclusion, Lord of Wicked Intentions was an entertaining and emotional read that most historical romance fans will love.  Rafe is a well-developed hero who had to go through a lot in order to get his happily ever after while Evelyn shows that a heroine can be sweet and innocent without seeming immature or TSTL.  I definitely look forward to seeing what Lorraine Heath has in store for her fans next!

***4.5 STARS***

1. She Tempts the Duke
2. Lord of Temptation
2.5. Deck the Halls with Love
3. Lord of Wicked Intentions



  1. Great review! I also loved this one!! I really enjoyed Rafe's story.

  2. Ooo, this one looks pretty interesting. I will have to look into this series. I'm a littler nervous, though, that Evelyn is sort of bought by Rafe. That's a little freaky, right? As much as I love historical romances, I am so freaking glad I love in the 21st century!

    Great review!

    1. It doesn't feel as weird as you might think when you read the book since he does it to keep her from being bought by some of the other (creepy) guys. I'm with you on being happy to live in the century I do despite my obsession with history. Indoor plumbing, the Internet, and other things are too good to get pass up. Thanks for commenting!


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