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REVIEW: "Touch & Geaux" by Abigail Roux

Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run #7)
Touch & Geaux by Abigail Roux
(Cut & Run #7)

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For Ages 18+
Male/Male Romance -- Romantic Suspense
Riptide Publishing -- April 8, 2013
Ebook, 349 pages
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After having their faces plastered across the news during a high-profile case, FBI Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett have become more useful to the Bureau posing for photo ops than working undercover. Just as Zane is beginning to consider retirement a viable option, Ty receives a distress call from a friend, leading them to a city rife with echoes from the past.

New Orleans wears its history on its streets, and it’s the one place Ty’s face could get him killed. Surrounded by trouble as soon as they land, Ty and Zane are swiftly confronted with a past from which Ty can’t hide—one with a surprising connection to Zane’s.

As threats close in from all directions, both men must come to terms with the lives they’ve led and the lies they’ve told. They soon discover that not all their secrets are out yet, and nothing lasts forever.

Zane Garrett glanced up in time to see Alston toss a balled-up scrap of paper across the pod of desks where their team of six sat.  Ty Grady threw up his arms, signaling touchdown as the paper skidded across his desk and into his lap.

Warning!  This review will contain spoilers for the first six books in the Cut & Run series.

Time to review another installment in one of my all-time favorite series!  Ty Grady and Zane Garrett are an amazing couple that have completed captured my imagination in the past year so please understand that my review may be a bit biased.

Touch & Geaux is a highly entertaining and emotional story that is very important for the development of Ty and Zane's relationship.  The overall tone is much darker than most of the previous books, but I think that was important for the story that was being told.  There are still hints of comedy in this book though they are used to balance out the darkness rather than act as the main focus.
"This is a bad idea. Remember when we were on TV?"
"Yes, Grady got fan mail for a month."
"I did?"
"We burned it, as you should all evil things."

These two believe themselves to be in a good place in their romance right now, but Roux is showing they still have a long way to go for their ultimate happily ever after.  A big part of this book involves diving into both guy's pasts and figuring out how those actions will effect their future.  Specifically, readers learn about Zane's life with his wife and the truth about what Ty has really been doing for Burns over the past few years.  The last one is a real game-changer and provides a hell of a roadblock for Ty and Zane's happiness.

I really liked seeing these flashbacks because they helped me understand and appreciate these two even more than before.  They are complicated and flawed characters whose lives have been full of drama and intrigue.  In order for me to really believe they can have a long future together, I feel like all the dirty secrets need to be laid out and some form or fashion.
"Do you really believe that?" Zane asked.
"I know it.   I will never be the man you think I am."
Zane’s breaths came harder. "We’ve both been trying so hard to be worthy of each other."

There is a ton of external and internal drama in Touch & Geaux.  We see our heroes try to figure out the identity of the killer they stumble upon and how that person is connected to Ty's earlier time in New Orleans.  This allowed Ty's Recon buddies to be side characters again which I thought was a smart and entertaining choice.  I especially loved any scene involving the mysterious Liam and his sexy British mystique.  There also are some major interpersonal issues to be resolved especially how Ty's big secret relates to Zane and whether their relationship will be able to be salvaged.  

Through all of the action and suspense, Roux uses the setting of New Orleans to give everything a supernatural feel.  This is not a paranormal book, but the plot definitely doesn't shy away from voodoo and the possibility that it can be dangerous for our heroes.  There is a real sense of danger and mystery in that city which is very appropriate for this point in Ty and Zane's story.

I don't want to say much more about the book in order to avoid major spoilers, but I do have to mention the ending.  It took me by complete surprise and really packed an emotional punch.  I can tell I am going to be very impatient waiting for the next book which isn't going to be released until 2014! 

***4.5 Stars***

"You told me one time that . . . I was your compass.  I gave you direction when you were lost," Ty said, nearly choking on the words.  He glanced up, eyes reflecting like liquid in the low light.  "Well, you were my anchor.  You were something solid for me to hold onto.  I wanted you to remember that."

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