Sunday, March 3, 2013


So many amazing books being released this month that I just had to feature them!

Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) 
Qhuinn and Blay's story finally!  This series is definitely literary crack for me. [March 26]

Wild Invitation (Psy-Changeling 0.5, 3.5, 9.5, 10.5) 
Anthology of stories from the Psy-Changeling universe.  I've read some, but there are a few I haven't found that I am excited to read. [March 5]

Twice Tempted (Night Prince, #2)   
I really liked the first Night Prince novel and am excited to see more of Leila and Vlad. [March 26]

If You Give a Rake a Ruby (Jewels of the Ton, #2)
I just discovered Shana Galen's historicals with the first in this series about some unusual courtesans and am eagerly anticipating the next.  [March 5]

Music of the Heart
I love books with a musical setting so I'm intrigued by this contemporary that involves a country singer and a bad boy rocker.  [March 25]

Family Man
These are two of my favorite male/male authors so I was intrigued especially when I read the blurb which involves a middle aged man trying to figure out his sexual identity.  [March 12]

City Mouse (Country Mouse, #2)
I really liked the combination of Voinov and Lane's voices in Country Mouse.  I hope there will be a continuation of the same sexual tension and character development that made me like the first so much.  [March 18]

~Young Adult~
Let the Sky Fall (Let the Sky Fall, #1) 
I usually enjoy any book with elementals so this one caught my eye immediately.  I'm just hoping the love story will be developed in a refreshing way.  [March 5]

Flirting with Maybe 
I really liked Higgin's debut, Sweet Evil, so I'm interested to see what she does with the contemporary genre.  Plus the whole younger guy/older girl thing isn't very common in YA today.  [March 5]

The Nightmare Affair (The Arkwell Academy, #1)
I have a definite obsession with magic school stories so I will definitely try the Arkwell Academy series.  I'm really wondering about the development of the Nightmares and how original they are as supernatural creatures.  Debut author.  [March 5]

The Art of Wishing  
Genies are a creature that isn't often depicted in YA so I may check this one out.  Debut author.  [March 21]

Strands of Bronze and Gold (Strands of Bronze and Gold, #1)
An intriguing-sounding retelling of the Bluebeard fairy tale.  I'm curious how the author is going to handle this complex story.  Debut author.  [March 12]


  1. Arrgghhh I cannot wait for Lover at Last!

  2. Definitely with you there on Twice Tempted and Lover at LAst. Gah I'm so excited for that story, BUT I haven't read the two books before, so I need to hurry my ass up and read those first.

    So excited for MArch releases here!!

  3. Shut the front door!!! Wendy Higgins is coming out with a YA contemp? I'm so excited! Also, the art of wishing has been on my tbr forever and I'm glad it's finally coming out. I've never read a book with a genie in it before lol.

  4. I'm definitely interested in Let the Sky Fall. I'm hoping I'm not let down or anything, though. :)


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