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WEEKLY REVIEWS: November 26-December 2, 2012

WEEKLY REVIEWS: November 26-December 2, 2012
A new feature where I showcase mini-reviews of all the books I've read over the course of the week.

Easy by Tammara Webber -- 4.5 Stars
I finally get what all the hype about this book is.  I loved it!  Both Lucas and Jacqueline were great, relatable characters whose relationship was a wonderful read.  The college setting was well-done and different.  I liked how Webber balanced the darker aspects of the plot with some of the off-the-wall moments.  Full review coming soon. 

When You Give a Duke a Diamond (Jewels of the Ton #1) by Shana Galen -- 4 Stars
Really really enjoyed this one!  My first Galen book, but it will not be my last.  I loved the heroine, Juliette, and how strong yet sympathetic she was.  The hero, William, was a jerk at the beginning, but his groveling at the end totally made up for it.  The mystery was interesting in that one major part of it wasn't solved by the end, but I finally figured out that it is a continual plot that will go throughout the series.  Full review coming soon. 

What a Boy Needs (Boy #2) by Nyrae Dawn -- 4 Stars
Much darker than the previous book in the series, but still sweet and romantic. Love the coming of age journey that Jaden and Pris went on. I love road trip stories! Plus it was great to see more of Aspen and Sebastian.

In Bed with a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy #1) by Maya Banks -- 4 Stars
I really liked this Highland-set romance!  Mairin, the heroine, was fiesty without being annoying while the hero, Ewan, was a nice balance between tough and tender.  I loved the way that Ms. Banks developed the world of the McCabe keep and really made me care about all of its inhabitants especially Ewan's younger brothers.

Restraint by Charlotte Stein -- 4 Stars
A very sexy and sweet erotic romance.  I thought Mallory was a refreshing heroine with her sexual confidence that never went overboard.  Artie as the repressed hero with quite the desirable...asset...was a wonderful combination of hot and awkward.  I liked how Ms. Stein provided the reader with both plot and sex while still acknowledging the genre.  I'm not a huge fan of erotica, but I really enjoyed Ms. Stein's writing so I'll definitely look more of her work up.

Masked Desires by Elizabeth Coldwell -- 3 Stars
Entertaining, but short erotic romance between Summer, a recently fired saleswoman turned barmaid, and Eddie, her sexy boss.  I really liked the narrative voice of Summer, but wish that I had gotten to know more about Eddie.  The sex was hot without being raunchy.  I really liked where the plot was going, but it felt a little rushed at the end.  I wanted more!

The Beauty in the Beast by Regina Puckett -- 2.5 Stars
This story had potential, but it ultimately fell flat to me.  I liked the premise of the intimidating professor falling for the sweet student.  It just seemed like there wasn't enough development to both the characters and storyline.  There was too much monologing on the part of the two main characters when they met up during the break and the dialogue was unrealistic.  It was a sweet story, but I wish there would have been more to it.

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