Sunday, October 7, 2012

WEEKLY RECAP: October 1-October 7, 2012

Books Read:

Admit One by Jenna Hilary Sinclair (4 Stars)
Wonderful male/male romance between a damaged history teacher (Tom) and the banker (Kevin) that brings him back to life (not literally).  The development of the relationship felt very real and rarely rushed.  It was interesting to have the protagonists live in a small town in Texas that is ultra conservative and I think it gave the relationship some great obstacles.  I really liked the use of the musical Rent as a parallel to Tom's story and the kids were great side characters especially Robbie.  Full review coming soon.

Crave (Fallen Angels #2) by JR Ward (3.5 Stars)
I love Ward's writing, but I had a hard time finishing this one.  I really liked Isaac (the hero) and wanted him to be happy, but I had a real problem with Grier (the heroine).  She seemed too perfect and not very relatable which is important to me as a reader.  I also didn't completely buy the chemistry between Isaac and Grier especially after such a short time.  That being said, this was an entertaining read for the most part.  I'm loving the development of the battle between Devina and Jim and think the ending sets up some fun things for the future of this series.  Plus I have developed a major crush on Adrian and all his emotional issues!

An Oral Fixation by Piper Vaughn (3 Stars)
Very cute and short story.  It almost gave me the sense of a "slice of life" tale with a bit more background.  It was a quick, easy read and I liked that.  Both main characters were interesting though I wanted to know more about them and their feelings for each other.  Vaughn is a great writer and I would love to have seen this concept in a longer format.

Love Hypothetically (Theta Alpha Gamma #2) by Anna Tenino (3 Stars)
Decent novella with enjoyable characters and a sweet romance.  I really enjoy "lovers reunited" stories so this was great for me.  I wasn't sure whether I would like Paul as a main character especially after the way he treated Brad and Sebastian in the first book in the series, but he grew on me.  He has social issues and is aware of these.  His small journey to emotional maturity is really great to read about.  As a reader, I didn't get a lot of background on Trevor beyond the former MLB player who comes out of the closet and searches for his high school boyfriend.  I liked the concept and wish it had been longer.  Full review coming soon.

One Pink Line by Dina Silver (2.5 Stars)
I liked the premise of this story: college student gets pregnant by a one-night stand and deals with the consequences of her decisions while a secondary story follows the baby as she grows and learns the truth about her birth father and her mother's decisions.  I liked Sydney (the mother) and appreciated how Silver portrayed her pregnancy and early days of motherhood.  But, I had a real tough time with Gracie.  Her story jumped so much that it was hard to get a good read on her as a character.  The writing was decent, but I found myself skimming the majority of the story just so I could find out who Gracie's adopted father was and see her first meeting with her birth father.

Books Added to TBR List:
Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell
In Bed with the Opposition by Stephanie Draven
Holiday in Death by JD Robb
Brief Encounter by Alice Gaines
Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein

Received for Review
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (Netgalley)
Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz (Netgalley)

Borrowed From Library
Envy by JR Ward
Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins

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  1. One Pink Line sounds like an interesting concept. Too bad is was boring. I would probably want to skip to see who the father was as well!


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