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Q: What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book?

1. Confusing Points of View

I find myself annoyed when a writer decides to tell the story through switching points of view, but doesn't properly distinguish the differences between them.  I recently read a book in which the pov shift would happen every few paragraphs without warning.  It was really difficult to get a handle on the style especially when the two main characters would be in different locations and the story would jump around.  I will say that I eventually got used the style and enjoyed the story, but it was slightly irritating.
2. Love Triangles (especially in YA)
I do not hate all love triangles and I understand the drama that can come from them.  But, what annoys me is writing a love triangle just for the sake of having one.  There should be a deliberate reason for the situation and it should be written in a way that makes the reader become heavily invested in the outcome.     

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  1. Great answer! Love-triangles were one of the items in my answer this week as well. You described my feelings for them perfectly :) Thanks for sharing!

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    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

  2. I said Love triangles too!!

    I didnt even think of the differing POVs, but that does bother me too

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  3. Haha right?! What the heck! I totally agree with both points you've made. I actually do like changing POV's when it's done correctly, such as starting a new chapter( and especially when it's indicated who is talking at that point). Otherwise it's just confusing and takes away from the story. Great answer! :)

  4. Oh, I agree with your points. I don't care for cliffhangers, but mostly I hate anything that happens due to coincidence. I like logical steps to a conclusion.

    New follow via GFC.

    Julie~ New Adult Addiction

  5. Thanks for stopping by my Friday Hop! I agree with the head jumping POVs, it completely disconnects you from the story. Old follower =)

  6. Two really great points! For the first one, sometimes authors have trouble distinguishing between the two voices so they end up running together and it gets even more confusing. And I COMPLETELY AGREE about love triangles. There are very few that I find have been written extremely well. And most seem thrown in to create confusion and you already KNOW who she'll pick.

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  7. The POV thing always makes me confused. It isn't necessary.

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  8. i totally agree when it comes to POV's and love triangles, so unnecessary"!!

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  9. Ha I chose love triangles as well.
    I'm undecided on differing POV's, in some books they're used effectively and really add to the stories. It just all depends on how good the author is.
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    Kristerrn @ BetweenTheLines -WithK

  10. I agree with you on both points. Alternating POVs aren't my favorite, and it is what I chose for today's FF. But if done right, I might love it, such as Pushing the Limits.

    I really don't like love triangles, though. I have actually started avoiding books that look like they might have love triangles.

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  11. Oh my yes - the alternating POV without warning. I recently read Death and the Girl Next Door and it had a constant change in conversations so I didn't know who the heck was saying what. Usually I love Darynda Jones, but that writing drove me nuts!

    Following via GFC - - Jessica @ Book Sake

  12. I agree with both of yours. I also have the switching of the POVs as part of my answer. Love triangles are so common in YA (not sure if this happens in real life?)

    Old follower, thanks for stopping by!

  13. Love triangles as so overdone

  14. Great answer--I completely agree!

  15. Good points! I love a love triangle though! ;)
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    Book Me! and Carmen
    Happy Friday! =D

  16. Good answers! I like multiple points of view when they are clearly defined, such as divided by chapter and/or labeled.


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