Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TOP TEN TUESDAY (35): Bookish Confessions

Sponsored by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish.


1. I am notorious for being late on returning library books.  This is usually because I haven't gotten around to reading the book even though I've had it for weeks.  I'm impulsive about requesting library books so they don't always work in the reading schedule.

2. I am obsessive about series.  I will not read them out of order no matter how many books I have to work through to get to a particularly great story.

3. I cannot go into a used bookstore without spending at least $25.00.  Most of the time the books I buy are ones I'll never read, but I cannot turn away from the cheap price. 

4. I am very selective about who I let borrow my books.  I have had too many bad experiences with people losing or destroying my books.  It isn't the nicest way to be, but I value my books too much.

5. I used to dogear pages.  This was only on paperbacks that I own, but I am trying to get used to bookmarks for everything.

6. If I get bored with a book, I will put it down and start something else.  Usually I go back the book, but not always. 

7. I love to take a nice long bath and read.  This is a rare occurence since my morning routine doesn't allow much leisure time.

8. I read and eat at the same time...all the time.  I have eating with one hand and reading with another down to a science.  And, surprisingly, I don't spill stuff nearly as much as you would think. 

9. I used Spark Notes/Cliff Notes for most of my high school required reading.  As an almost-teacher and librarian, I am ashamed to admit this, but I usually didn't want to take the time reading something I didn't choose for myself.  The only exception to this was anything by Shakespeare.

10. While I love ebooks and my e-reader, I will purchase a physical copy of a book that I adore.  I have a probably irrational fear that the e-network will die and I will lose all my books.


  1. I do #6 too much, and it's not always because I find the book boring, it's because I'll get something new that is OMG SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING...just because it's new. My friend got me hooked on a Shelf of 10 thing, and it's curbed my impulsive start a new book though I'm not finished with the other 6 I've started tendencies AND I'm getting some of those "yeah, i really want to read this!" then never get around to it books read. :D

  2. I have so many library fines. I hate returning books unread, but it's sometimes hard to get library books to fit into my reading schedule. And I'm totally with you on the series thing.

  3. I do number 10 too. I also backup my ebook files fanatically.

  4. I also read and eat all the time... though I do best with hardcovers that will lay flat. Paperbacks get a little frustrating unless I break the binding and if it isn't my book, I won't do it!

  5. HA! I eat and read at the same time! I'm usually good about protecting my pages, but one the few times that I'm not, I swear it feels like I just killed a book! >o<
    And #9.... I do that sometimes too. Shhhh!
    Here’s my TTT

  6. Tee-hee I am notorius for racking up a HUGE library late fee, BUT I can't help it. Usually, it is cause the book I have is on hold and I cannot re-new it. 2 and 4 are very me as well. Also, I was the same way with high school reading. I didn't want to read those books and i didn't like the mandated time restraints!

  7. I always read series in order as well and I'm quite surprised to hear that some people don't.

  8. I have a long history of library fines too!

  9. I do not read series out of order either. It doesn't matter when people say "it doesn't matter" cause it does.

    I don't go to the used book store that often, but I have a serious weekness for 2.99 (or less) ebooks. I just cannot say no, even if I'm not sure I'll read it.

    If I loved an ebook I will purchase a print copy too, otherwise I can't show off all my love for my favorites!


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