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MY BOOK BOYFRIEND (37): Finnikin

My Book Boyfriend is an awesome weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader all about fictional boys who make us swoon.  This week I am swooning over:

from Melina Marchetta's

About Finnikin:
  • 19 years old
  • Red hair, fair skin
  • Son of Trevanion, Head of the Lumatere Royal Guard
  • Powerful and stealthy warrior
  • Extremely skilled at learning languages

"Part of me believes there is little hope for those like him, who have become as base as the men they associate with.  But there's another part of me that will search this land high and low once we are settled in our second homeland and bring them back to us, where they belong."

She had moved too close to the edge of the rock, and with a sharp intake of breath, he grabbed her around the waist, the strong band of his arm pressing her back into his chest.  "Foolish girl," he said almost gently, his lips close to her ear.  "You could have gone over the side."
A shudder passed through her, and then she pulled away.  "We should go," she murmured.
"Trust me, Evanjalin," he said, holding out his hand.

"What do you want me to say, Finnikin?  You are as good as them.  Perhaps in time you will be the best fighter in Lumatere.  But you are not meant to be in the King's Guard.  You are meant to be in the king's court."
He shook his head.  "You are wrong.  When we were children, Balthazar always dreamed of the same future.  He would be king and I would be captain of the Guard.  Like our fathers before us."
She looked at him sadly.  She was only inches away from him, and he fought the urge to take her face in his hands.

And there in the middle stood the priest-king like one of those ghosts who appear in dreams and Froi saw Evanjalin in the high grass, her face pale but not with death or fever. She wore flowers in her hair and Froi liked the way their stems fit into the bunch of hair beginning to stick out of her head.  And when Finnikn grabbed her to him and buried his face in her neck and then bent down and placed his mouth on hers, the others pretended that there was something very interesting happening in the meadow.

"This hand says you spend the rest of your life with me," he said, holding out his left hand, "and this one says I spend the rest of my life with you.  Choose."
She bit her lip, tears welling in her eyes.  She took both his hands in hers and he shuddered.  "I will die protecting you," he said.
There was a look of dismay on her face.  "Just like a man of this kingdom, Finnikin.  Talking of death, yours or mine, is not a good way to begin a--"
She gave a small gasp when he leaned forward, his lips an inch away from hers.  "I will die for you, " he whispered.

My Finnikin: Actor Kris Holden-Ried from Syfy's Lost Girl.  He is older than the Finnikin from the book, but he is how I imagined him ten years down the road. 

About Finnikin of the Rock: 

At the age of nine, Finnikin is warned by the gods that he must sacrifice a pound of flesh to save his kingdom. He stands on the rock of the three wonders with his friend Prince Balthazar and Balthazar's cousin, Lucian, and together they mix their blood to safeguard Lumatere. But all safety is shattered during the five days of the unspeakable, when the king and queen and their children are brutally murdered in the palace. An impostor seizes the throne, a curse binds all who remain inside Lumatere's walls, and those who escape are left to roam the land as exiles, dying by the thousands in fever camps. 

Ten years later, Finnikin is summoned to another rock—to meet Evanjalin, a young novice with a startling claim: Balthazar, heir to the throne of Lumatere, is alive. This arrogant young woman claims she'll lead Finnikin and his mentor, Sir Topher, to the prince. Instead, her leadership points them perilously toward home. Does Finnikin dare believe that Lumatere might one day rise united? Evanjalin is not what she seems, and the startling truth will test Finnikin's faith not only in her but in all he knows to be true about himself and his destiny.


  1. I have yet to read this book because I'm not really a big fantasy reader, but I love MM and her contemporary novels. But I do have this book on my TBR. That last quote made me shiver.

  2. Okay, I love Kris Holden-Reid. I also have Finnikin in my Kindle. Now that I know what I have waiting for me I'm moving it up the list. Oh...and thanks for the Chris Hemsworth photo. I can't wait for The Huntsman!

  3. I haven't read this book but I'm definitely going to put the book on my TBR list, love the quotes and pictures!
    'I will die for you' - loved that line :)

    My Book Boyfriend -

  4. yesssss You picked a great book boyfriend!

  5. I so love him in Lost Girl. I am so going to have to check out this book.

  6. Oh Yummy! Between those pictures and quotes, I am absolutely swooning here! I am definitely, no doubt about it, reading this one very soon - thank you for sharing him! :)

    Here's mine:

  7. I can't wait to read this book! I've loved all of Melina Marchetta's other books so hopefully I'll like this one too!
    Great pick this week!

    My Book Boyfriend: Wesley Rush

  8. I haven't read this book yet, but I'm a die-hard Marchetta fan... and after reading these quotes, I NEED THAT BOOK!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Here’s my book boyfriend for the week

  9. I agree with Missie, that last quote was the best!


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