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My Book Boyfriend is an awesome weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader all about fictional boys who make us swoon.  This week I am swooning over:

(Dark Hunters #3)
by Sherrilyn Kenyon

About Zarek:
  • Born in 155 BC as a Greek slave and whipping boy.
  • Dark-Hunter.
  • Black hair, blue eyes, muscular build, 6'6.
  • Has issues following orders so is kept in isolation in rural Alaska.
  • Extremely lonely and socially awkward.
  • Loves to read and his favorite book is The Little Prince.

"Then why haven’t you killed yourself?"
"Why should I? The only enjoyment I have in my life is knowing I piss off everyone around me. If I were dead, it would make them all happy. God forbid I should ever do that."

"Alone at last. Oh, the pleasure of the pain."
"You really do suffer from insanity, don’t you?"
"Hardly. I have to say I enjoy every minute of it."

I just want to be warm. Just once let me be warm. Is there no star capable of sharing its fire with me?

I have found my star. She is beauty and grace. Elegance and goodness. My laughter in winter. She is courageous and strong. Bold and tempting. Unlike any other in all the universe, and I cannot touch her. I dare not even try. Astrid or Aphrodite, she is my Circe. Only instead of changing a man into an animal she has made the animal human. I am such a fucking idiot, wanting a star I can’t have. But then, all stars are beyond human reach and I’m not even human.

"Stars aren’t supposed to cry. They’re supposed to laugh."
"How can I laugh when I have no heart?"
"You have a heart," He placed her hand over his, "One that only beats for you, princess."

My Zarek: Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn

About Dance With the Devil:

Zarek's Point of View:

Dark-Hunter: A soulless guardian who stands between mankind and those who would see mankind destroyed. Yeah, right. The only part of that Code of Honor I got was eternity and solitude. 

Insanity: A condition many say I suffer from after being alone for so long. But I don't suffer from my insanity-I enjoy every minute of it. 

Trust: I can't trust anyone...not even myself. The only thing I trust in is my ability to do the wrong thing in any situation and to hurt anyone who gets in my way.

Truth: I endured a lifetime as a Roman slave, and 900 years as an exiled Dark-Hunter. Now I'm tired of enduring. I want the truth about what happened the night I was exiled-I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Astrid (Greek, meaning star): An exceptional woman who can see straight to the truth. Brave and strong, she is a point of light in the darkness. She touches me and I tremble. She smiles and my cold heart shatters.

Zarek: They say even the most damned man can be forgiven. I never believed that until the night Astrid opened her door to me and made this feral beast want to be human again. Made me want to love and be loved. But how can an ex-slave whose soul is owned by a Greek goddess ever dream of touching, let alone holding, a fiery star?


  1. *sigh* Great choice-- and great quotes! :) Loved this book, and I think Aragorn would make a wonderful Zarek!

    TBQ's Book Palace

  2. I must get pick up this book and meet Zarek for myself! Love the first quote and Viggo is always an excellent rep.

  3. A whipping boy? Now that Zarek is fully grown, I wonder if he'd mind revisiting that profession. LOL

    The Dark Hunters series taunts me! I must read it.

  4. ~swooning right now over those quotes! Seriously. Great. Picks.

    Here’s my MBB

  5. Along with Acheron, Zarek was my favourite from the Dark Hunter series he always reminded me of Zsadist from JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood.

  6. Awww, the last quote is so so romantic <3 <3 I'm literally melting <3 aaaa :) He looks nice and good :) Awesome pick! ;)

  7. Wow - just wow! He's the yummiest EVER! Those pictures had me sold on the book right away, but those quotes definitely did me in - I need to read this, like NOW! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

    Here's mine:

  8. He seems really sweet and funny, I'm definitely going to check out the books, they seem really interesting!

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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