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REVIEW: "Friday Night Bites" by Chloe Neill

Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill
(Chicagoland Vampires #2)

Urban Fantasy--Vampires
NAL Trade--2009
Paperback, 357 pages 


Ten months after vampires revealed their existence to the mortals of Chicago, they're enjoying a celebrity status usually reserved for the Hollywood elite. But should people learn about the Raves-mass feeding parties where vampires round up humans like cattle-the citizens will start sharpening their stakes.

So now it's up to the new vampire Merit to reconnect with her upper class family and act as liaison between humans and bloodsuckers, and keep the more unsavory aspects of the vampire lifestyle out of the media. But someone doesn't want peace between them-someone with an ancient grudge.



The last time readers saw Merit she had been unwillingly turned into a vampire and reluctantly joined the Cadogan house, led by the sexy yet arrogant Ethan Sullivan.  She also discovered her best friend was a witch and her grandfather was a liason between the Chicagoan government and the supernatural world that was just starting to show itself to the humans.  And, the real kicker, Merit was named Sentinel of Cadogan House and saved Ethan from an assassination attempt at the hands of another head of house. 

Friday Night Bites starts soon after the events of Some Girls Bite.  The main plot of this book is that Merit is moving into Cadogan House and trying to find her place within this structured society.  In addition to her Sentinel duties, she also has to deal with some public relations nightmares regarding the interaction of humans and vampires in illegal feeding parties known as Raves.

I enjoyed Merit's character in the first book, but I really loved her in this one.  She is more accepting of her new vampire life which means less whining about how Ethan turned her without permission...thank goodness!  She is also gaining confidence in her role as Sentinel which is nice to see.  Another interesting character trait we learn about Merit is her feelings about her family and their role in society.  In an effort to help stave off the public relations issues related to the Raves, Merit is forced to act the part of wanting to reconnect with her parents and siblings.  She uses her position to gain invitations to society events with Ethan as her guest.  These scenes really show how different Merit's views are compared to her family and why she rebeled against them.

Ethan is still the arrogant head of Cadogan House from the first book, but readers (and Merit) begin to see a few vulnerabilities to his character.  The stress and danger associated with his high level position have some physical and emotional effects on Ethan and Merit has the opportunity to see some of these moments in this book.  Of course, the sexual tension continues to increase with these two so I'm hoping to see more resolution to this aspect soon.

Most of the book is spent on Merit and Ethan's interactions so readers don't see much of the secondary characters.  But, there is enough to warrant some mention particularly with the growing drama in the romance between Merit and Morgan (new head of Navarre House).  Also, there is some conflict between Mallory and Merit regarding their changing friendship and physical separation.  One of the most difficult things to deal with in friendship is the threat of growing apart which seems to be increasing in this book.

The pacing of the plot in Friday Night Bites is much smoother and the mystery is a little more entertaining this time around.  I think a lot of my enjoyment comes from my familiarity with the world and getting more invested in the characters.  I am definitely intrigued by the ongoing conflict between vampires and humans especially the shapeshifters getting into the mix.  Also, I'm interested to see how Celina continues to be a menacing presence for the Chicagoland vampires especially Merit and Ethan.

Rating: 4 Stars

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