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Q: What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?

While I would love to see books I've read on the big or small screen (in theory), I am a little hesitant about the transformations they may undertake.  I am not a fanatic who believes every scrap of dialogue and description should be matched perfectly, but I want the movie/mini-series/tv show to have the same emotional punch or mood that the book evokes like Harry Potter and Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth version).  Despite my misgivings, here are five books/series that I would love to see on the small or big screen:

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I would love to see a mini-series rendition of this series.  The epic scope of the book with the time travel, the historical settings, the drama, and the love story could not, in my opinion, be done appropriately in a two hour movie.  Jamie and Claire definitely deserve 6+ hours of wonderful costumes, sets, and acting. 

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

Hollywood loves romantic comedies, but they often fall flat to me mostly due to asinine plots and weak characters.  I have personally always wondered why movie executives don't scour contemporary romances for decent plotlines.  One of my absolute favorites is Bet Me which is the story of Minerva Dobbs, a not-stick thin actuary, and Cal, a successful businessman who has an affinity for Krispy Kremes.  These two are hilarious together as well as extremely romantic.  Both are intelligent characters and the plot is not contrived or cliched in any way. 

In Death series by JD Robb

I would love for Eve and Roarke to get their own television series.  Eve's job as a homicide detective will provide plenty of opportunities for episodic plots with Roarke and Eve's relationship giving the show a sexy side and the side characters like Mabel providing the humor.  After all, if Rizzoli and Isles can be popular, why not In Death?  Plus it would be fun to see futuristic NYC on screen.

Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost

One of my favorite paranormals with my favorite couple!  This would make a fabulous HBO/Showtime/Starz type of show in a similar fashion to True Blood.  Bones, Cat, and their friends get into all kinds of scrapes which would be entertaining plus the mythology beyond all the supernatural happenings is original.  Also, who wouldn't love to see Cat and Bones's fiery romance play out right before your eyes? 

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

A YA romance that doesn't talk down to its audience or play needlessly with their emotions.  Both Etienne and Anna are realistic and their adventures through Paris are sweet and funny.  Pretty scenery and laughter would definitely make this worthy of a Hollywood adaptation.


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Book Moments: What has been your favorite moment (scene) in a book that you've read so far in 2012? Please be kind & not include spoilers.
*The Body at the Tower by Y.S. Lee (review)
This is the second book in Lee's Agency series starring Mary Lang/Quinn who is a secret agent in Victorian England.  Her mission in this book is to disguise herself as a twelve year old boy to find out the truth behind a mysterious murder at St. Stephen's Tower.  Unfortunately, her identity is discovered by James Easton, the young architect who Mary met in the first book, A Spy in the House.  Thankfully, he doesn't reveal her secret to the others at the building site and they work together to solve the mystery.
My favorite scene of this book involves Mary and James's interactions after a particularly harrowing day of mystery solving.  They end up back at James's house so Mary can get a bath and something to eat before retreating back into her disguise again.  This scene is extremely romantic with the initial awkwardness between Mary and James which eventually transforms into comfort.  Readers of this series have rarely gotten to see either of these characters completely relax so it was nice to see their trust in each other during these moments.


  1. Outlander is a great pick - very cinematic. (new follower)

  2. Awww Anna and the French Kiss would be adorable!!! Great picks :)

    Here's my FF!

  3. I didn't think of the Night Huntress series, but that is a great one!!

    New Follower!
    Beth ^_^

  4. I just ordered Anna and the French Kiss.
    Returned the follow!

    Doodle @ Doodle's Book Blog

  5. I haven't read Anna yet, but I think it would be a SUPER cute movie just based on the cover :) Great picks!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  6. oh my gosh, I definitely agree about your pick for best moment! I love that scene in the series so much, so warm and swoon-worthy. Following you back. :D

  7. I'd DIE if they finally adapted Outlander for the screen...I can't even express how much I love that series. It would have to be an HBO show though, and about all the books in the series. :) Nothing less will do!

    Jess @ Gone with the Words
    My TGIF! Follow Friday post :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by Literary Obsession, Jennifer! I think Outlander would be a fabulous movie - I've started it a few times but just haven't been able to finish it - there's too many other things catching my attention! I'd definitely watch the movie, though. :)

    Happy Friday to you!
    Ree @ Literary Obsession
    Feature & Follow Friday

  9. You have a great blog :D Haven't read any of these yet but I will get around to it. The Agency looks interesting.

    New follower on all the ones you have.

    Here is my FF :D

  10. I am so eager to read The Agency series! It looks so good and I absolutely love historical fiction so I feel like it would be right up my alley! Great post!

    Darlene @ Leather Bound and Lovely

  11. Anna all the way! If I could I would donate all my to have the book make it to the big screen! :)

  12. Night Huntress, if done right, would be awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog - I just followed you via Linky!

    Have a great weekend!


  13. Out of those, I've only read Anna and the French Kiss. I do have Outlander on audio though. I hope to get to it before too long.

  14. Hopping through. I don't think anything can do Anna and the FK justice but I'd love to see them try.

  15. I would be in Heaven if Cat & Bones got a movie or series, I absolutely heart Bones as much as I heart Terrible. They're my two favorites!!!

    Thanks for visiting and following me I'm an old GFC follower of yours but I follow Linky now :)

    I'll have to visit more often since we share a love for the same books and fictional men...oh and I love your Qhuinn & Blay kissing pic!;) <3


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