Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TOP TEN TUESDAY (15): Books I'd Give a Theme Song

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1. Harry Potter series by JK Rowling 
"Sharada" by Skye Sweetnum
The song I chose is based on the character of Luna Lovegood. 

Once upon a time there was a girl.
You really wouldn't call her typical.
Had her own definition of cool,
She lived in her own world.

2. Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost
"Le Disko" by Shiny Toy Guns
This song is for Cat aka The Red Reaper and just shows her kickass warrior side.

So what's it gonna take
Silver shadow believer
Spock rocker with your dirty eyes
It's a chance, gonna move
Gonna f*** up your ego
Silly boy, gonna make you cry

3. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
"Kings and Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars
I thought of this for the support group where Hazel and Augustus meet and their unique outlook on life.

Into your eyes
Hopeless and taken
We stole our new lives
Through blood and pain
In defense of our dreams

4. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
"A Sorta Fairytale" by Tori Amos
Chosen due to the fact that this book is a twisted classic fairytale.

And I'm so sad
Like a good book
I can't put this day back
A sorta fairytale
With you

5. Fever series by Karen Marie Moning
"A Star-Crossed Wasteland" by In This Moment
Just sounds like Mac's inner turmoil throughout the series.

The wolves are ascending, the vultures are near.
And I'm still here waiting for you to reappear.
And you just wait for a sign

6. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
"When the Stars Go Blue" by Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz
Sweet, romantic song for a sweet, romantic story.

Where do you go when you're lonely
Where do you go when you're blue
Where do you go when you're lonely
I'll follow you
When the stars go blue

7. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn
"Crush" by Jennifer Paige
Perfect explanation of Penelope's feelings for Colin.

So let it be, what it'll be
Don't make a fuss and go crazy over you and me
Here's what I'll do
I'll play the wuss, not like we have a date with destiny

8. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
"Hear Me" by Kelly Clarkson
Annabel's feelings of invisibility and being misunderstood by her family/friends.

I'm lost inside the crowd
It's getting loud
I need you to see
I'm screaming for you to please
Hear me

9. Angelfall by Susan Ee
"Cry Little Sister" by G Tom Mac
Powerful song that just reminded me so much of the dark, epic plot of this apocalyptic story.

Cry, little sister - Thou shall not fall
Come to your brother - Thou shall not die
Unchain me, sister - Thou shall not fear
Love is with your brother - Thou shall not kill

10. The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
"The Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin
What Ash was thinking while trying to find his way back to Meghan.

Something's getting in the way.
Something's just about to break.
I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
So tell me how it should be.


  1. I love the song you picked for Anna and the French Kiss. Perfect!

  2. Cool choice for Luna, I love it! Here is my Top Ten

  3. Great choices! I think this was a really hard Top Ten Tuesday so I am really impressed by your picks. Thanks for sharing!

    Darlene @ Leather Bound and Lovely

  4. I love the song you've picked for the Fault in our stars!! :) Great list :) ;)

  5. "A Sorta Fairytales" is an amazing song - have loved it from the first time i heard it! And from what I have read about Cinder it is perfect for that book.
    New follower by the way :-)

  6. I loved the Harry Potter and Night Huntress picks!

    Thanks for visiting my Top Ten.

  7. I love how you have Crush on your list. I thought I was the only one that knew that song ;)
    And great pick with Shiny Toy Guns. I could totally hear that being in a soundtrack for that book.

  8. Great choices there and I have a few new songs for my playlist!

    Book Enslaved


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