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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Secondary Romances

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This is freebie week on Top Ten Tuesday which gives all of use bloggers a chance to do whatever list we are inspired to create.  Here's mine:


1. Robin and Jules from Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter series
A male/male secondary romance between a closeted movie star (Robin) and an openly gay FBI agent (Jules).  These two meet in Hot Target, finally get together in Force of Nature, and then get married in All Through the Night.  A very sweet love story that is full of passion and heartache.  I will admit that I was not really interested in the primary romances of Hot Target and Force of Nature, but Robin and Jules are one of my favorite couples ever!

2. Gideon and Livia from Lisa Kleypas's Again the Magic
Gideon is an alcoholic American who is visiting England on business and meets up with Livia on her family home.  Livia is emotionally damaged after losing her fiancee and then her unborn child.  These are two tortured souls that manage to heal each other in some of the most gripping scenes I've ever read.  They do not take away from the wonderful primary story of Aline and McKenna, but enhance it. 

3. Qhuinn and Blaylock from JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series
Another male/male romance that, as of this moment, is not concluded.  Qhuinn and Blaylock are two recently transitioned vampires who are the best friends of one of my favorite BDB characters, John Matthew.  Blay is very open about his sexuality while Qhuinn is in denial.  Through alot of angst-filled moments, readers have figured out that Qhuinn does love Blay, but feels unworthy of him.  Many tears have been spilt regarding this couple and I hope we see them get their HEA soon.

4. Kynan and Gem from Larissa Ione's Demonica series
A romance that spanned most of this paranormal romance series about a demon-run hospital.  Kynan is a member of a demon-fighting team known as the Regis who also practices medicine on the side.  Gem is a demon-human hybrid doctor who has had a crush on Kynan for years despite the fact that he is married.  These two have to go through alot in order to achieve happiness, but it is all worth it by the end.

5. Ethan and Kristy from Susan Elizabeth Phillips's Dream a Little Dream
Another secondary romance that completely overshadowed the primary one.  Ethan is a small-town pastor who has an affection for the ladies and Kristy is his long-suffering secretary who has been nursing a crush for years.  I love stories where someone realizes that the person they've been looking for has been right under their nose the whole time.

6. Esme and Sebastian from Eloisa James's Duchess Quartet series
Another love story that spans a series--this time in historical romance--between a promiscious married lady and a stoic, virgin hero.  Sebastian begins as the betrothed of one of Esme's friends and seems to disapprove of everything she does.  Imagine the fun when Esme realizes how much Sebastian lusts after her!  It takes three books for them to finally get together, but it is a great time from beginning to end.

7. Walker and Lara from Nalini Singh's Kiss of Snow
Lara is the main healer in the SnowDancer changeling pact and Walker is a psy who has defected from the Psy-Net in order to protect his family.  I love the Psy-Changeling pairs in this series and Lara/Walker are one of my favorites.

8. Yuki and Machi from Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket series
A manga couple that showcase the importance of understanding one another and using that knowledge to heal the other's wounds.  The first half of the series deals with a love triangle, but, after it becomes obvious who the series's main character Tohru will end up with, the author creates a side love story for Yuki.  I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves fantasy mixed with romance and humor.  But, be prepared to shed a few tears!

9. Giles and Elinore from Anne Gracie's The Perfect Waltz
A wonderful opposites attract story in one of my all-time favorite historical romances.  Giles is a rake who falls head over heels for the super-proper Lady Elinore, a bluestocking.  There is so much more to these two than I can explain in a short comment, but their love story is full of drama and self-discovery.

10. Gabe and Gillian from Eloisa James's The Taming of the Duke
Another Eloisa James couple...she is known for her secondary romances.  Gabe is an illegitimate divinity professor who is trying to reconnect with his father's family in order to help his own illegitimate child.  Everything seems to go smoothly until he starts to fall for the unique and intelligent woman who is pursuing his half-brother's hand.


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I don't think I've read any of these before but the list sounds great. Secondary romances are so over looked :-)

  2. I quite enjoyed the ONE Eloisa James book I read, so I think that I will definitely need to read her Dutchess quartet.

  3. This is such a clever list! I LOVE secondary romances! I have so many of these books on my TBR pile, and I can't wait to dive into them, especially Eloisa James and Lisa Kleypas. Woot!

  4. Now this is an interesting list... I like the sound of the one with Ethan and Kristy. That is really interesting to find who you've been looking for right where you've always been looking. And, I liked the Fruits Basket anime, but never read the manga. It got pretty intense towards the end, so maybe I should see where the story leads beyond that.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a great day!

  5. Awesome list! I'm really hoping Qhuinn and Blay get a HEA soon although from some of the teasers from Tohr's book there may be more angst for them :( I also loved Walker and Lara and loved how their romance was told in the background.

    Thanks for stopping by Project to be Read :)

  6. Great list! Secondary romances can be more unexpected and have more tension than the primary romance - Lara/Walker was more poignant for me than the primary romance in "Kiss of Snow." Susan Elizabeth Philips is great at secondary romances - other than Ethan/Kristy, I love Torrie/Dexter in "Lady Be Good" and Portia/Bodie in "Match Me if You Can."


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