Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MY BOOK BOYFRIEND (20): Wolfe Stovia

My Book Boyfriend is an awesome weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader all about fictional boys who make us swoon.  This week I am swooning over Wolfe Stovia from Samantha Young's wonderful young adult fantasy Slumber.

About Slumber:

A sleeping beauty may be the damsel in distress, but her White Knight? Why her rather un-knightish best friend of course. And the White Knight’s White Knight? Well… none other than her reluctant mortal enemy… When Haydyn falls victim to the mysterious Sleeping Disease, the world of Phaedra is thrown into Chaos. Rogan, Haydyn’s best friend and handmaiden, is the only one who can save her. Together, with the Royal Guard and their young Captain, Wolfe Stovia, Rogan must set off across the provinces to find the Somna Plant that will wake Haydyn from her dying sleep. Beset on all sides by the chaos, Rogan tumbles into a dark world of kidnapping, prejudice, betrayal and love… a journey that will change her forever, and a journey that will change their world forever, if she does not retrieve the cure.

About Wolfe:
  • He is Vikomt Stovia (the Phaedra equivalent of a Viscount).
  • He is the Captain of the Royal Guard of Phaedra, one of the youngest in history.
  • He was abused by his father and tried to protect his mother at all costs.
  • He fell in love with Rogan when she was fourteen.
  • He is a powerful Glava or psychic mage who hides his powers from everyone in order to avoid the comparisons to his father. 

Wolfe strode into the room like his namesake.  Sleek and watchful, wily and dangerous.  As handsome as any man in Phaedra, the servant girls went into twittering spasms whenever he was near.

Disgusted, I could do nothing but wait with bated breath for them to leave and then I turned on Wolfe, "Why didn't you do something?"                                 He shrugged and grabbed the bowl and bread that had been left for him, "He had the upper hand.  Plus...I'm hungry."

I blinked owlishly, hoping I’d heard wrong. “That’s your big plan? A distraction?”
He smiled cheekily at me. “Yes. It’s good, right?”
“You’re going to get us killed.”
“Well, since you got us kidnapped in the first place, I think it’s only fair.”

I gasped as Wolfe stood before me shirtless, droplets of bath water falling from the strands of hair at the nape of his neck to his shoulders, running in tantalizing rivulets across his muscled abdomen.  He was beautiful.  My gaze followed the trickle like a magpie with a diamond...and then I gasped again at the raised scar on his lower stomach.  "Oh m-" I cut off at his growl as he wrenched a shirt on over his head, covering what I had just seen.  Wolfe had been branded.  A dark horseshoe burn scar branded his lower stomach.

"You're so beautiful," Wolfe told me hoarsely, and maybe I was naive, but as he looked at me I believed he really thought so.  And then I wasn't really thinking much because his mouth was on mine.  He brushed his lips across mine in soft feathery butterfly kisses, beautiful and frustrating all at the same time.

My Wolfe: Alex Pettyfer


  1. I love Alex Pettyfer! I like to use him as book boyfriends too! I never read this but it sounds really interesting and great pictures! Good quotes too. The last one had me swooning and he sounds funny too.
    My Book Boyfriend

  2. I just got this book! Looking forward to reading it now!

  3. That brand scene is pretty hot...especially the growl. And I love your guys name...Wolfe is pretty cool. I've never heard of this book though. I'll have to look it up. And I love the guy you picked to represent your BB.

  4. "Wolfe strode into the room like his namesake."


    I wish I could brand Wolfe as mine. hehehe. Bad joke aside, why haven't I read this book? I didn't even know about it, but those quotes really make me want to read it.

  5. Wow, I have to check this out, the cover is nice.

    Alex was the only good thing about BEASTLY, and he didn't look "ugly" when he was suppose to be, lol.

  6. I haven't seen this book before. That's for introducing me to your Wolfe :)

  7. never heard of this book! But...dayummmmm Wolfe is FINE. I've gotta get my hands on him...cough...I mean...on Slumber...

  8. I've never heard of this book before, but I definitely need to now!(:


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