Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MY BOOK BOYFRIEND (16): Leo Hathaway

My Book Boyfriend is an awesome weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader all about fictional boys who make us swoon.  This week, I am swooning over Leo Hathaway, Lord Ramsay, from Lisa Kleypas's Hathaway Family series.  He is a prominent character throughout the series and has his moment in the spotlight in Married by Morning.

If life were at all fair, she thought dourly, Leo would have been pudgy, pockmarked, and bald.  But he was a handsome man with a strapping six-foot build.  He had dark hair and light blue eyes and a dazzling smile.  The worst part was that Leo didn't look at all like the rogue he was.  He looked wholesome and clean and honorable, the nicest gentleman one could ever hope to meet.

About Leo:
  • Is the only boy in the Hathaway family.
  • Is very protective of his sisters.
  • Has a very dry, witty sense of humor.
  • Wanted to be an architect.
  • Lost his betrothed to scarlet fever and became self-destructive in his grief.
  • Inherited a title (Viscount Ramsay) through a series of cursed relatives.
  • Fell in love with his sisters' governess who he affectionately refers to as "Marks."

“I cruel to Marks ? I'm the one you should worry about. After a conversation with her, I usually walk away with my entrails dragging behind me.”

"Oh, I have a very pure soul. It's only my private parts that have gotten me into trouble".”

"I’ve told you before, I love like a madman,” he said. “Immoderate, jealous, possessive...I’m absolutely intolerable.”

"I love you, Marks. My heart is completely and utterly yours. And unfortunately for you, the rest of me comes with it."

"I know I'm a bad bargain. But I'm begging you to have me anyway. Because I want a chance to make you as happy as you make me. I want to build a life with you." He fought to steady his voice. "Please come to me, Cat, because there's no surviving you. You don't have to love me back. You don't have to be mine. Just let me be yours."

My Leo: Hugh Jackman


  1. Hugh Jackman seems kind of perfect for Leo! Aww! I love those quotes!

    Pretty In Fiction

  2. I can't resist Hugh Jackman in period costume!

  3. Wow, Hugh Jackman seems like the perfect choice. I haven't read this book yet, but I think I want to now.


  4. *reaches out to the screen so I can grab Hugh Jackman* I WANT I WANT!! Leo Hathaway sounds great I need to read this series. Thanks for introducing Leo :D

  5. "I’ve told you before, I love like a madman,” he said. “Immoderate, jealous, possessive...I’m absolutely intolerable.”

    Jennifer! Why does that quote make me swoon so much?! Oh, how I love me a madman! Please sign me up for a Leo of my own. :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I love the sound of this Leo fellow! I'm adding this series to my wishlist! I love those quotes!


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