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This Week's Question:

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don't like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

1. Too Stupid To Live Heroines (TSTL)
This is a heroine who primarily is seen in romance novels, but can be found in other literary genres.  She is often described as spunky by the author which is code word for idiotic.  This is the type of person who will run off into the London underworld alone at night in order to solve some type of problem that she probably shouldn't be involved in.  And usually the result of this "brave adventure" is that she finds herself in over her head and must be rescued by either the hero or someone less idiotic than herself.
And, just for the purpose of gender equality, I will say that TSTL heroes are out there and can be just as annoying as the heroines. 

2. Main Characters That Don't Change
Another huge character pet peeve.  When I read a book, I want to have some type of strong feeling for the characters whether its love, hate, pity, etc.  I also believe that a main character should go on some type of journey in their story.  Therefore, when a protagonist or antagonist remains static throughout the book, I find myself not caring about them or their story.  I am usually not even asking for them to change for the better.  Main characters could get even more flawed as long as they show how their journey has altered their outlook on life or their personality.

3. Bad Dialogue
This will probably be a popular one for this question.  I hate cheesy or unrealistic dialogue.  If you are a writer, you need to understand your characters and setting enough to figure out how conversations would occur in your book.  This goes for historical and contemporary settings.  I cannot tell you the amount of books I have given up on because the teenagers don't talk like teenagers or the nineteenth century duke uses twenty-first century slang.



  1. Number one and three are big ones for me. I don't see number two a lot, but I do see more static antagonist. I read a romance where the antagonist described himself as evil. That kind of thing makes me do a double take. Very few bad dudes believe they are bad. That grates on me.

    New Follower
    Beth ^_^

  2. Yes, yes, and yes. definitely agree with all of them. Especially the Bad dialogue. Kind of hard to get into a story when the words just don't fit.

    Hopping back from PiF! Old follower. :)

  3. I love dialoque and if it's lacking it's a deal breaker for me.

    Have a great weekend!

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  4. Ha! Love the one about bad dialogue. I hate it when I'm reading a book about modern teenagers and they're dialogue is written too formally!

  5. Yes! I can't believe I forgot the TSTL characters (and be fair -- it's not just heroines). lol I may have to go back and edit mine :P

    Old follower :)

    The Romanceaholic

  6. Laughed at your bad dialogue pet-peeve! Yeah, when I read historical novels, I expect the characters to talk like how real people talked back then. It's very jarring when they say something people never even thought to say back in that time period.

    I also get annoyed with characters that don't seem to change, nor really go through very much in their story experience. Characters need to be shown going on a life-altering journey because, if they aren't going to, then why bother chronicling their story? Who cares if they're just living their normal life?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for the FF. I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I'll have to put this in another comment because I noticed it too late...

    Michael Fassbender!!!!!! He's sooooo amazing! I see he's your Man Candy of December. I would have picked him, too!

  8. Yes, Yes, and Yes! I definitely agree with these peevest of pet peeves ;)

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    I'm an old follower

  9. Haha. I LOVE your number 1. Couldn't agree with you more. :-P

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  10. I hate bad dialogue especially those who don't use contractions! HATE!!

    Xpresso Reads

  11. Hahah loved that TSTL, and couldnt agree with you more with that!

    Thanks for following me sorry if im kind of late, nets slow. followed you back!


  12. I really like #2! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a new follower!

    PS- I LOVE that you are part of the Bones is Mine club, I'm a little jealous :)


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