Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My Book Boyfriend is an awesome weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader all about fictional boys who make us swoon.  This week, I'm swooning over Wraith from Larissa Ione's Passion Unleashed which is the third installment of her wonderful paranormal series Demonica.

First Impressions:

"Another deep male voice came from behind her, and she turned to the newcomer, a man casually dressed in faded jeans and a Guiness T-shirt, with a backpack draped over his shoulder.  He was tall, close to six and a half feet, with blond hair that fell nearly to his shoulders and a tattoo that extended from the fingers of his right arm all the way up to his face, where the swirling black pattern stretched from his jawline to his temple."

About Wraith:
  • Full Name: Wraith
  • Age: 100 years old
  • Appearance: dyed blonde hair (naturally black), blue eyes, tall, muscular
  • Status: half-Seminus demon; half-vampire
  • Occupation(s): treasure hunter
Why I Love Wraith:
  • He's the perfect definition of a bad boy.
  • He's a Seminus demon which is a type of incubus or sex demon.
  • He is extremely protective of his brothers and their mates.
  • He is willing to risk dying to protect the woman he loves.
  • He loves Family Guy!

“Because make no mistake, Serena. I do bite.

He wanted to stay with her, but for the first time in his life, he was going to do the right thing, not the selfish thing.  He wouldn't make her watch him die.  He'd go home and she'd remember him as he was, not as some fragile, failing shell.

He got in her face so fast she blinked as though trying to figure out how he was suddenly inches away. "No.  It was because it was the first time I made love to anyone.  You can call me a liar for anything else, but do not doubt me on this.  And I swear to you that you were the first, and you will be the last."

"Explain to me the benefits."
"A mental connection.  No more loneliness.  Or empty sex.  You'll have a protector.  A partner.  Someone who will love you forever."

The look in her gaze, the erotic promise, the trust, the love, brought him to his knees in front of her.  She meant the underworld to him, and in that moment he knew.  He would never fail her.  And the faith in her eyes said she knew it, too.

My Wraith: Actor Travis Fimmel


  1. I love Travis Fimmel! He's an Aussie, right?

    And a half-demon, half-vampire who loves Family Guy is like my match made in heaven. I need to meet Wraith asap! :)

  2. How have I not seen Travis Fimmel before?! He is gorgeous. Love that quote about "you were the first, and you'll be the last!"


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