Monday, September 5, 2011


Here's a quick review of all the books I read last month!

1. Hearne, Kevin "Hounded" (Iron Druid Chronicles #1)--4.5 Stars
-Absolutely hilarious beginning to this urban fantasy series!  I had a blast reading this and highly recommend it to anyone who likes paranormals with a sense of humor.  Long review is coming soon!

2. Kenyon, Sherrilyn "Retribution" (Dark Hunters #20)--3.5 Stars (REVIEW)
-Paranormal romance.  Really liked the hero and the secondary characters, but never got into the heroine.  Interesting mythology and additional worldbuilding.

3. March, Ava "Bound Forever" (Bound #3)--4 Stars
-Historical male/male romance.  Conclusion to March's Bound trilogy.  Realistic and sweet ending to Vincent and Oliver's story.

4. March, Ava "Object of His Desires"--4 Stars
-Historical male/male romance.  Love the unrequited love trope and the non-stereotypical characters!

5. March, Ava "Convincing Arthur" (Convincing #1)--4 Stars
-Historical male/male romance.  Another unrequited love story that about broke my heart!  Can't wait for the sequel Convincing Leopold.

6. Merrow, J.L. "Muscling Through"--4 Stars (REVIEW)
-Contemporary male/male romance.  Interesting first person point of view.  Love opposites attract stories!

7. Neville, Miranda "The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton" (The Burgundy Club #3)--4.5 Stars
-Historical romance.  My favorite read of August!  Unpredictable and sweet!

8. Quinn, Devyn "Darkness Descending" (Vampire Armageddon #1)--4.5 Stars (REVIEW)
-Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance.  There seems to be a lot of debate regarding this book, but I thought it was a well-written beginning to a lengthy series.  I liked the original approach to the vampire myth plus the hero was yummy!

9. Scott, R.J. "Love Is In the Title" (Love #1)--3.5 Stars
-Young Adult Male/Male Romance.  Short story that was very romantic.  Quick and easy read!

10. Warren, Tracy Anne "Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed" (Byrons of Braebourne #4)--4 Stars (REVIEW)
-Historical Romance.  Nice approach to the hero's unrequited love storyline.

11. Wolff, Veronica "Devil's Own" (Clan MacAlpin #2)--4 Stars
-Historical Romance.  Two tortured souls that found each other in the strangest way.  The heroine is one of my favorites this year!

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